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  1. janey

    Just diagnosed at age 40

    Welcome! Diagnosis at 46. Aware that how it impacts me varies from you and vice versa. Doc said, "each case of PD is different", which has led me down a path of inquiry into the unique way to treat my version. Lectin Free Diet Intermittent Fasting High Intensity Cardio 6 x per week Methylated Folate with B12 D3 Fish Oil Magnesium Less computer time more meditation time CBD 25:1 (reside in state where it is legal) Sending care to you,
  2. Folks, A bit of a rant. I have been MIA for a while as I have been attending to radical changes in my lifestyle. Along the way I hit upon something VERY powerful which may prove useful for others here. That is, the link between disease and our genetic predisposition....I was tested for MTHFR mutations (including COMT) and results revealed 2 homozygous mutations (not good). Rather than me describing this I highly highly encourage you to check out Dr. Ben Lynch and Beyond MTHFR. I have incorporated much of their recommendations based on my mutations and have experienced some dramatic results. I am feeling hopeful and optimistic. And this is not easy stuff. I have reoriented my entire lifestyle around slowing down the progression. No stone left unturned.
  3. janey

    Plant Paradox

  4. janey

    Plant Paradox

    This is the folinic acid article: http://www2.le.ac.uk/offices/press/press-releases/2017/march/new-research-suggests-bowel-cancer-medication-could-help-combat-early-onset-parkinson2019s-disease So then after reading I queried foods high in folinic acid and voila they include lots of the bitter greens. This is the diabetes drug article: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/08/170803204945.htm And, the diet eliminates all sugar (the keto version)
  5. janey

    Plant Paradox

    Hi Otolorin, The book is called, The Plant Paradox, by Dr. Gundry. I purchased it on Amazon. As a side note, my husband just started it (he has terrible stiffness and inflammation way worse than me)and this morning for the first time in months he walked up the steep stairs in our home without holding on to the railing. Could all be the placebo effect...but I don't think so.
  6. janey

    Plant Paradox

    Update... Pretty much 100% off sugar and and entirely lectin free. Finding it interesting that diabetes meds and Folinic Acid treatment for Cancer have been showing some promise in slowing down the disease trajectory. Interesting because I am no longer eating sugar and this diet is extremely high in naturally occurring Folinic Acid. It is helping. Or my lifestyle changes in general are helping. I determined to heal my gut-have been constipated for 40 years! Is helping in that department. Yay. Also, my tremor is much less noticeable. Cramping too.
  7. janey

    The Problems with Medical Marijuana

    Thank you for this. It is the only drug I am using right now. I live in CO. Impacts where I travel. Diagnosed in March. Primarily relying on exercise, CBD oil and MMJ. Also recently changed diet to Lectin and Sugar free (Plant Paradox).
  8. janey

    Plant Paradox

    Anyone reading? Or doing? I just started and it has already been very interesting.
  9. janey

    Scared about meds

    Chiming in...just saw a neurologist here who will be my Doc. I was diagnosed originally by a different neuro. This Doc wants me to take Azilect. I am loathe to do so but am rapidly losing fine motor use of my dominant hand. I have otherwise been feeling so well! Supplements, Chinese herbs, medical MJ, exercise. I don't want to mess with some whacked out pharma. Ugh.
  10. janey

    A Journey Round My Brain

    Awesome blog. Wow. Thank you. New here...diagnosed in March. 47 YO. w/ GBA.
  11. janey

    medical marijuana

    Hi Otolorin, It smells but with the use of the Pax the smell is really not so bad. My husband hasn't said it smells too much. No neighbors have complained. I imagine smoking using the Pax (or another vape) in the bathroom with the exhaust system on would contain the smell. I also use tinctures and they don't smell at all. I use a 5:1 CBD THC tincture and a pure CBD (cannibis not hemp) tincture. It depends...somedays I only take the CBD dose one time. I find if I am having a non computer day I need way less. Typing causes my tremor to increase. I smoke once a day before bed and fall into a wonderful deep sleep. I really feel like a true believer! I never ever smoked as a teen or young adult. This is really helping my mood, outlook and body sensation. The CBD relaxes the muscle cramping and quiets the tremor. Pretty much they all do that. The smoking lowers my anxiety and quiets my whole nervous system. I did choose a specific strain of indica for just that purpose. This is all new to me so I am doing research online (green flower and leafly) and will try other strains. Also finding the info about turpenes and the endo cannaboid system interesting. I saw a Dr. in MA who said lots of her clients find relief using CBD. And she saw no reason why this early on in my disease process that I should using anything else. I know of someone who has been using MJ as his only medication for 10+ years.
  12. janey

    Anyone Else in the PPMI study?

    Thank you Shop Guy and YItti! Yah, the radiation is now less of a concern after speaking to some folks. I am doing a bit more research on the spinal tap to quell my anxiety.
  13. janey

    Anyone Else in the PPMI study?

    Thanks. That continues to be one of my concerns.