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  1. My body does feel tight in the mornings. My feet feel strange. I begin with a 20 minute simple yoga series. Forward bends mostly. That helps me a lot.
  2. As of right now (and I have had motor issues for 3+ years but only recently diagnosed), CBD and THC are SAVING my life. I am taking some Chinese herbs and my vitamins and then using CBD during the day and smoking Indica at night. I will continue this as long as it works. When I use, the tremor in my body is barely perceptible. And all the cramping goes away. And anxiety too. I was never a recreational user-missed that chapter thanks in part to Ronald Reagan's, "war on drugs" in the 80's. Those ads of my brain frying in a fry pan turned me off to trying. However, now as an 47 YO living in CO (legal) I am partaking and thrilled about the improvement to my quality of life.
  3. Otolorin, Hi! Thanks for your interest. I suggest you invest in the 23 and Me testing- if that works for you. I think for the purposes of this attempt, I need to control the variables as much as possible...for example people with MS have petitioned the fund and been turned down- there are too many variables. BUT! If we can show some possible causality between the interplay of genetics hitting a threshold, "on" moment...then maybe we have something. Being Jewish is less important as a variable. It just happens that the gene is pretty prevalent in Ashkenazi populations. Long winded way of saying...if you have the genetic marker then, yes!!
  4. Lena, I wish that so much for you and for your son and for his children and so on as the DNA travels... As time allows, I look forward to hearing more about your healing journey and will share mine.
  5. I use CBD cannabis (Live in CO where it is legal). When I travel I use HEMP CBD. I find both help with tremor and restless feelings. I just need to take more of the Hemp than the cannabis. I also smoke now regularly (Indica, usually using a vape). SO ironic to me as I never even tried MJ as a kid. It helps so much.
  6. Thank you Lena. I think, how could there not be an ancestral/lineage fear connection...!! Fear beings such a large part of my Jewish experience. It's like I carry it forward for my peeps. Would sure like to break that cycle. I will definitely report back in. So far there are two of us. I just started. So where there are two...
  7. Hi, I am newly diagnosed, late 40's. I have a theory and am seeking to gather a statistically significant sample in order to petition the 9/11 Zadroga fund to support those of us impacted, including impact on our families. Also, research! If we gather a solid sample, I expect researchers may be interested in learning more about threshold events and GBA/LARK. This might help in the future. Factors: GBA or LARK variant (genetic testing through 23 and Me or also through PPMI/other genetic testing) Lived in NYC during and following 9/11 Likely Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, although I think if you have the genetic variant and are not Ashkemazi we may still be able to build a viable sample Early Onset Diagnosed in the past 2-4 years (2013-2017)- symptoms might be longer standing...but looking at date of diagnosis Please drop me a note or PM me if you meet these variables. And if you know anyone else...send them my way. thank you!