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  1. Yeah. It's been 6 years, for reference I was diagnosed with ET by a Neuro not by a GP. she had done the typical PD physical tests. Besides the occasional dizzy feeling (Which im almost convinced is anxiety or some neck tension) I don't really have any other symptoms. The only "rest" anything I have is an occasional single twitch, but even that requires my fingers to be resting in a tense position. But it'll only "twitch once (it won't actually tremor back and forth, just sort of a single "jerk" inward to get it out of the "tense" position). Im guessing that isn't actually technically a "tremor"?, and even that is rare. My actual tremor only appears when im bending the fingers in a certain position. Still's been this way for 6 years and is only barely (if at all) worse than it was when it started. I've heard YOPD typically shows with Dystona/other symptoms over tremor anyways? Im not really sure what dystonia would feel like but Im guessing it'd be pretty noticeable? My neck is sometimes stiff/sore but i sit at the computer most of the day due to work (In a terrible posture no less ha) Also did you mean "There are cases of ET" instead of "There are case of PD that have mainly rest tremor", I thought most cases of PD were with resting tremor? (Which I do not have) By the way, do you have any comment on this: One major caveat, though: Changes in balance and gait tend to emerge as the disease progresses I read this on multiple sites regarding parkinsons. Is this usually true (if so it would make me feel a bit better about my "dizziness" issue.
  2. Your right, I just get so focused. But I did look at some videos of resting tremor and it's way different. I always get stuck on "what if it's just the beginning"...but in that case I guess i've been at the beginning for 6+ years. I need to just accept my ET diagnosis and be thankful. Sorry i've flooded the boards with this stuff. Anxiety is a hell of a drug.
  3. Ah, see yeah I get the same thumb tremor but only when it's bent. from my research this is considered NOT a resting tremor. Also apparenly YOPD actually don't usually start with tremors if that's consolation from my research. But more often dystonia. I wish you will either way!
  4. That makes sense, but what about in my case. When my hand is at rest by my finger is required to be at a certain position to twitch. Is this still rest? or since im finger requires a certain position it's postural? every once in a blue moon my finger at rest will feel tense and do a single jump......but only one jump, not actually tremor (this is very rare though and only if my fingers are close to the "tremor" position when they are at rest). a good example would be sometimes my thumb will twitch when gripping a's not a tremor exactly as it's sitting there shaking, but like a single "pulse"...since im 'gripping' something despite my hand being at rest..would this be considered rest? I would think not since you are actually gripping something?
  5. Right yeah. I mean essential tremor DOES make sense from what the neuro tested me with and I was fine with that diagnosis. but it's sorta "tough" to fully accept since theirs no "definitive" test for it. But symptom wise it does match (having a postural/action tremor but not a rest tremor, getting worse with stress/etc...) one thing I have read: Many of the more common signs of Parkinson’s in the elderly are less common in young onset Parkinson’s disease including; Tremors Cognitive problems such as memory loss and dementia Loss of balance and coordination So that at least helps point to ET more-so (since those are the symptoms I have, minus the loss of balance and cognition problems). Still maybe a datscan will at least keep my worries at bay. I don't really have the dystonia they describe that early onset people have.
  6. I guess I can't tell if it's worth getting a DatScan? Since i looked at your symptom history and I just don't see that with myself. Really the only thing that's been consistent is a non-resting postural tremor that hasn't progressed. Or are u suggesting that I should? (I can't really tell). I mean since seeing my neuro a year or w/e ago im experiencing the same I think im more just anxious than anything.
  7. He basically said a DatScan should be used to differentiate ET vs PD. But didn't comment on whether it sounded like PD or not (Which was sorta what I was looking for). At my age (31) I would think it would be extremely rare (since in that study there were ZERO cases under 30, and im very close to 30) I was just feeling worried, and hoping that my low progression of symptoms and no rest tremor (over 6+ years) would sorta of be more conclusive that it's actually ET...but now im not so sure.
  8. I've posted on here before about a finger tremor. But I was curious if it constituted 'rest' tremor? Essentially my finger/thumb tremors if I bend it, pull it inward into a certain position. For example I can have my hands relaxed on my lap without tremoring, but with my hands relaxed if I start to tense/bend my thumb/finger inward it'll start to twitch. Would this still be considered rest? Since my finger needs to be at a certain posture BUT my hand is at rest? or would that still be postural? I do sometimes get a single "twitch" of a finger (like it moves inward for example slightly) if my fingers are bent in a certain position and I rest my hands, but thats very uncommon. I guess that's really more of a mykomia/single twitch than a tremor correct? For my fingers actually to rhythmically move back and forth I have to have them bent in a certain position. I sometimes wonder if this "twitch" may be due to my fingers feeling stiff from typing so much all the time (Im a software dev so Im always typing haaha)
  9. I'd imagine more, still it's obviously pretty darn rare especially under 40. How old were you when you were diagnosed/symptoms started?
  10. For reference I looked at some statistics, and in the 30-39 range there were only 4 cases of YOPD out of....quite a bit:
  11. Yeah I guess I need to. I mean I was at the neuro just last year but just for my own sanity. What age were you diagnosed? and I understand PD can go slowly.....but 6-7 years is the one thing im sorta holding onto at why it "hopefully" isn't PD.
  12. Wow I didn't realize it could be so many that quick....that does help me get an idea of how it progresses which I just am not seeing with myself. I appreciate you linking me it though.
  13. How long did it take for those symptoms to appear? over a period of a year or so? Fortunately mines been over 6-7 years with basically no progression. I def. dont have any foot dragging or lack of arm swinging/etc..., it's mainly the tremor that bothers me. typing all the time def. doesn't help (since my fingers will get stiff after awhile) thanks!
  14. I guess another thing is I dont know if my tremor is considered a rest tremor. As it requires my fingers/thumb to be bent in a certain position. I MAY occasionally get a single twitch in a finger at rest if my finger/thumb is bent at rest but at normal rest I won't have a tremor. However for instance if im typing, my fingers will be bent of course to type...which can sometimes invoke a twitch or two in my fingers. Is this considered postural or rest? Or does rest literally have to be completely zero movement.
  15. Yeah i've always heard neck tension/stiffness can really mess with your balance. Doesn't help that I have crappy posture. I think I may have back issues too as I get POSITIONAL numbness/tingling when sitting (Which goes away when getting up) so i know it may have something to do with nerve compression. FWIW I read a study about age and parkinson's and it seemed like under 35 it's super duper rare to get I guess I have that going for me.