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  1. Tell Congress: Vote No on New Health Care Reform Proposal

    Fear is a belief,you can always drop or change a belief.People have only their indifference to blame,We must always do our civic duty and stop calling it Politics,lol
  2. Everybody who gets medicare sure likes it so why not medicare for all,lol There are some people who think being they have it all ,if you don't well that's your problem Today it's All for one,one for all vs Everyone for himself Ill always be in the All for one ,one for all group
  3. What people say that p... me off

    Hi PD I gave up paying attention to what others care to say.Often I have heard other parkies relate with the same thoughts so havng PD doesn't always equate that you are different from the normal crowd .Virtues like empathy and understanding come from a lot of self practice I have found that getting involved in making a better world seems to make my PD a very small part of my life. maybe it was a good thing Trump was elected,it shows what being indifferent in our world can cause disastrous results. If he was smart it would be terrible,thank God he,s not lol
  4. Bad mornings

    the more we ignore our temporary discomfort the better for us.I use to feel lousy in the evening and want to just retire,now I have learned the discomfort is usally fleeting.Its amazing how the mind can tame PD.