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  1. Apathy - any suggestions

    Apathy in PD is overplayed.Like anyone you have to move your muscles to reeducate the cringing brain.lol I have changed some old habits but I do a lot more new things that I ever thought Id do I might give up some fishing but I plan on doing more golf Despair leaves me when zi get out of bed.lol I take less c/l than 3 years ago now
  2. Otolorn Well common sense is always best.We have had 2 blizzards already.The first I wondered why no travel adversary so I caaled our media.Later that day usre enough our sheriff posted a advisory,I dont credit but you be surprised what is overlooked today.lol The second storm we got it all overnight about 2 ft.I myself didn't go out till roads were better.I do have a 4 wheel drive dodge truck with all the gadgets .These trucks are great but they don't stop any better than cars.people drive them fast by my house i pray they suddenly don't have to stop. As far as PD stopping driving ,it depends any things.I have found we have common deficits in this area.One is pulling out safely.Somehow we might have a problem at T intersections calculating traffic.I am aware and always look at least twice slowly before I pull out on the road.Another is at night we can get a little confused where we are.I have found paying special attention no "nightdreaming"lol has taken care.I do drive slower but I can say Im a safer driver than many.. The best advice is maybe get a outside evaluation privatly.I use to have some aweful jerks but they always calmed down while concentrating.Then after a med change they went away for awhile not there back but mildThise years of constant concetrating payed off and gave me a skill.I only wish my doctors could have been more professional in helping me .Even today they still cling to a physiological cause Hope your doctors are better. john
  3. Apathy - any suggestions

    PD or not everyone thinks of them selves and what they do as exceptional.Dr.Low said it's ok to think that just don;t believe it.LOL he also said to lower our standards and our performance will rise. I have found I look for what needs to be done first,then go on to wants. Also I have been doing better with les c/l,sinemet tends to soothe our brains a bit to much. Don't seem to have much concerns for memory or mental capacity.lol Humor is our best friend,temper (fear worry,anger)our worst enemy
  4. inhaled levadopa

    ive had very good luck using a small amount 100 mg comtan with my 1.5 25/100 c/l.I only take 2 doses a day maybe half pill at night.Seems many people have never heard of comtan from their doctor.I also found morning caffeine does the trick unless Im working hard like snowremoval.Today we got 2 ft .Spent several hours outside today was very warm in snowmoble suit.lol
  5. Pfizerstopping R&D for PD

    one dutch chemist working out of his home found levadopa,should I say more.lol
  6. Pfizerstopping R&D for PD

    The GOPTAXSCAM gave Pfizer a 38 billion dollar tax cut.Pfizer has given only 16 million in donations to the GOP since 1990.What a investments 2000% payback and now no money avalable for R&D for PD or frankly any other chronic diease.f that doesnt wake up those who have been sleeping!!! just to name a few others who made out fabulously for their super rich investors and CEO. eliLIlly gave 10 million with a 6 billion tax cut Merck gave 7 million with a 12 billion cut John &Johnson gave 5 milllion with a 13 billion ta Simple solution to the big money killing our country is for individuals to start helping out get a strong vote this year. I am personally helping that happen in my district Maybe some of you would also look into helping. Better goverment of the people ,better chance of finding a cure for PD Warmer weather returns here for a few days then a return of cold and sno
  7. inhaled levadopa

  8. Dual Diagnosis

    Clarity Now Im sorry you had to go through this.There are quite of few stories like yours from patients who had been on agonists.Sinemet will make you alittle moody maybe you could talk a little about his drug regium.Ive experienced problems myself which went away after going off the drugs I was using.As a rule PD itself does not cause chronic nervous conditions
  9. Awhile ago I met a friend on a PD forum.She mentioned her fine doctor had a good idea how to grade PD.We sleep and depending on the quality of sleep our brain helps restore the dopimine we use.As the disease worsens we lose more of this sleep benefit.In my case I found I could get by without my am doseif I get good sleepI have been doing this for over a month and while Im not as limber my mental processing is sharper.So many ways of slowing down the process Happy New Year john

    Happy Holidays And Happy New Year 2018 Good times coming John
  11. DaTscan

    dystonia has gotten alot better with sinemet now I have very little even with a small dose since I added comtan
  12. DaTscan

    Hi Jentrem You can just take the sinemt for the testIf it works then you know especially when you go off it comes back.The problem today is many doctors over prescribe and you end up with mental problems and dyskinesia.Small amounts will not hurt you and help much.I could never go back to no drugs but Im still at a low dose 3 pills aday after 6 years. Have a Happy Holiday john
  13. DaTscan

    Your datscan is very similar to mine.IThe test is subjective in the sense the examiner makes a opinion.I would not worry about the test,I true gold standard for PD is the sinemet challenge,or how you react to levodopa.Also use caution is looking for symptoms ,i went through a similar period.Now 6 years later I'm doing better than before in some ways and taking just 4 pills a day Have a Happy Holiday john
  14. Evening restlessness

    Hi Dave I get shoulder jerks more so when Im standing still after walking some.Ive had anywhere from wearing off to psychiatric depending on their mood.It should be addressed in a professional way not shrugged off.One good thing these movements went away completly after changing brands of C/L.Sleep apnea or lack of good sleep also play into this problem. Now I take hust 2 doses down from 4.If it was wearing off why is worse now after I took my 2 doses? I also can get mine going with any finemotor movement mostly left side like pill rolling