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  1. Some people report depression and anxiety long before their dx.I my self went through my worst nervous setback 2 years before the physical signs showed. My PD anxiety comes at night when I wake up early.The answer for me is a 1/2 25/100 . One thing were you depressed before any of the meds especially celexa? So sorry you were one of the few young onset.
  2. johnny

    sleep apnea and cognative decline in pd

    Hi Bill,Your electric shock sounds familiar,I get it also before the jerking starts.I use to get it at night also when I was taking requip 8 mg.Now I hardly ever get it in bed.I also get it more late in the day and when im resting.I've cut down my sineemt(on my own)to 2 pills a day stopped the cr 50/200 If I wake up early I can take a half 25/100 and sleep till 800am.I've had the jerking since fall 2114,it went away for 5 months when I switched c/l brands,unsure now if it was the cause.I have it now only when Im idle after movement.Cutting back severely on sinemet has helped jerks and I hardly miss it for the other PD problems.Things that bring it on left hand pill rolling,talking,moving around then stopping.I can also feel its presence before it starts,i think that's a form of askinsia (drug side effect).You do sound pretty good cognitively.I also think my jerking is a form of dystonia as now with a low dose c/l the jerking resembles dystonia more. My doctors have done nothing to help this problem since I got them except to see a shrink.lol best to you Bill john I have been on a cpac for 7 years now,Im now looking into alternatives.I always think about what did others do long before the CPAC came around.
  3. http://auburnpub.com/opinion/letters/letter-system-fails-parkinson-s-sufferers/article_83c7f291-e00c-57ee-90e4-145f41997413.html
  4. johnny

    sleep apnea and cognative decline in pd

    hi my apnea was about 25 ahi beforethe cpac went down to 5 with it.It went back up to 15 for some unknown cause.Last night i used a large pillow behind me so I couldnt roll over and it went down to 6.Hope it stays that way also no jerks yet today,lol Awhile ago i posted a video of my myoclonuson dr.Okum ask the doctor I wish I could find others with this problem,lol
  5. johnny

    sleep apnea and cognative decline in pd

    I have been on a cpac for 7 years now,Im now looking into alternatives.I always think about what did others do long before the CPAC came around.
  6. Lately my sleep apnea has gotten worse.The myoclonus also has worsened .I also seem to have more memory lapses. I had a change is pressure on the machinewhich resulted in better sleep and it resulted in a improvement in my problems. Time will tell . https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4963611/
  7. johnny

    I think I have parkinsons

    Hi Lad i had to add ,MD spec.are not so spec.I have seen many who show little knowledge of PD. It's just my experience so far over 8 years.
  8. johnny

    I think I have parkinsons

    Hi Brandon the easy way to see if its PD is to take sinemet as a trial.Another hallmark of PD is loss of smell. Stabbing headaches can be a sinus problem sometimes using a simple nose spray can help alot. My blood pressure was high like yours,mine was a white coat variety and resolved with regular long walks to get in shape. I'm so sorry you are having such trouble at a young age.Difficult neurological problems get very little attention in today's ,everything is all about money medicine. Just stay as calm with your symptoms and find a smart young doctor who hasnt been contaminated with greed. best of luck john
  9. johnny

    Antidepressants and Rasagiline and Pramipexola

    When I get up that usally does 90% of getting going and saying good buy to PD blues.Its my 9th year about same dose c/l.The only thing that bothers me is the pesky jerks.What a conversation starter.lol .One big thing I do is visited those in homes and try and encourage.personally I feel no one with PD should need one Number one cause is over medicated and lack of good information.if they play their cards wellI think some doctors frighten patients into moving into NH far to often.There is no way I would ever consider them. PD is advancing but my will is steading the course.lol Laughter therapy a great help. haha,hehe hohoho
  10. johnny

    Are you happy with your PD healthcare

    I spent the other day getting petitions for a candidate here.It was a good day , A great tonic for the nerves.Dr.Low's favorite,Do the thing we fear and hate to do.lol Life will get better,if complacency is replaced with action.Well I'm getting to think our wills are our greatest asset.Fear is only a belief. Spring is coming back tomorrow.Flowers should be out soon. John
  11. johnny

    Are you happy with your PD healthcare

    Hi Gardner, I was told comtan would make dyskinesia worse but being I don't have dyskinesia it relevant.You'll never know how it works till you try.In my area doctors avoid it maybe because it's easier for them to stick to one It bothers me how inept many doctors are that they won't help with this problem Ive been having for over three years..Most likely because it takes more time they don't want to give.Someday maybe they will get the same treatment. I tried to get a insurance company find a suitable physician.All they said was we cant change poor care.It's the way it is today .I'm next going to my senators and congresswoman I'm working for a let them know how poor care is unacceptable. Did you ever find a suitable doctor? john
  12. johnny

    Are you happy with your PD healthcare

    Hi Gardner i was going over a old post and saw your entry.I to have problems with ridgity.If I dont add the comtan with my sinemet it is much worse.Have you tried comtan or stalevo yet? For those who can afford rytary it is supose to also work well. Hope you rewell John
  13. johnny

    myoclonus help

    Hi Doctor, These movements were diagnosis myoclonus through a EEG taken at a local hospital.I looked it up there are many possible other causes besides PD yet my doctors did not pursue any of them. I saw Dr.Hallett for a brief exam after a resident gave me a through exam.I believe the final answer there was not a objective diagnosis since no testing was done.They could have done better. Have you ever seen movements of this nature and what was your recommendations.? Thanks so much for your help here best john
  14. johnny

    myoclonus help

    i Doctor I ve written you before about this problem I have been having since 2014.It seemed to finally go away during last summer.I thought it might have been a change in brand in c/l. It came back in september after I had sleep apnea return for awhile due to CPAC problems.Lately it has gotten worse especially in evening while Im sitting around. Ive cut down for some time to 3 to 4 25/100 with little effect on predicting the jerks.It seems the big trigger is disturbed sleep Drugs like clonazepam have limited effect and seem to make the PD worse. Many times the jerks come after I have shock type pain in my body mostly feet My doctors have not taken up on this so I'm trying to find someone who can help.Last January I made a trip to the NIH on this but got the same quick answer of stress. Many who have myoclonus have PD.But few people who have PD are bothered by it. I have talked with others who also have this problem ,few have told me much has been done to help understand what causes this. Do you know of any doctors studying this problem ? Thanks john PS i did post a video of this on youtube myoclonic jerks with PD
  15. johnny


    The test has risks and few benefit sand it costs a lot of money hospitals love..A radioactive dye is given to help show results which can damage your thyroid.Why these tests are forced on us when a simple Sinemet challenge puzzles me?MJF foundation doesn't recommend it should be enough to stay away. Maybe things would improve for many here is we were more looked on as patients instead of customers. best john