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  1. Valentin Gerber

    Newbie questions

    Oh, BTW: how long does it take for levodopa to show any effects? That is only if PD is really the case, of course.
  2. Valentin Gerber

    Newbie questions

    @TexasTom Thanks a lot. I've been to Reutlingen a few times for business. Nice little place, I don't like the local dialect though. I'm sure you also liked "Käsespätzle" Amazing, the diet you describe seems to be helping me as well. Is there any scientific background to it related to PD or have you just found out by yourself what works for you? And please, what specific kind of exercise do you do?
  3. Valentin Gerber

    Newbie questions

    Thank you so much everybody!!! @TexasTom: I'm in Freiburg (black forest area), glad you liked it. Unfortunately I can't confirm your opinion about neurologists here, they firmly believe it's all just psychosomatic, but they weren't able to explain how this could possibly cause symptoms like this ... Is there any diet that has been proven to be helpful? Best regards V.
  4. Valentin Gerber

    Newbie questions

    Oh, one more question: you all recommend excercising. Is this for training the muscles or because it releases dopamine?
  5. Valentin Gerber

    Newbie questions

    Dear all, thank you so much for your replies, it means a lot to me!!! Some other things I've noticed about me: - my handwriting has gone extremely bad. It was never good to begin with, but when I tried to write nicely, I could do it. Right now I can barely do it. I thought this was due to rarely writing any more those days, but maybe not ... - my hands aren't trembling. But when I put a spoon with soup to my mouth, the hand start shaking on the last 3-4 inches. I typically compensate by putting the mouth towards to spoon to "catch" it. (Yes, my wife loves it ...). Keyboard typing isn't a problem, also playing saxophone is ok. But those are rather firm finger movements. - my vision has gone bad very quickly. I am far sighted, a typical age related effect. I have reading glasses with just 1.5+. However, without them I can't even read from a big flat screen. This has deteriorated a lot very quickly. - I have sleeping problems that are close to insomnia. Without at least 2 beers it is almost impossible to sleep. But - I am *never* tired, I *never* yawn, no matter how much sleep deficit I have. - with moderate alcohol consumption symptoms appear to be better, particularly the walking. Feels as if the muscles relax a bit. However, the next day starting early afternoon symptoms become very bad. I do not have a hangover or anything. - coffee makes problems worse. I'm down to like 2 cups a week. - I sometimes have problems to identify where a certain noise comes from. - When I'm just standing still, after a while it feels like strong gusts of wind were pushing me to all directions. Can you relate to any of those things? Or is it just coincidence? And is trying Levodopa any dangerous? So greatful for your help!!! V.
  6. Valentin Gerber

    Newbie questions

    Dear all, I'm not sure, if this is the right forum to ask my questions, if not, I'm sorry. I'm a 48 y/o male from Germany. About 9 years ago I started to experience vertigo, dizziness and walking problems. It feels about walking when being moderately drunk. Or walking in an airplane (or train or bus) when it is a bumpy ride. I just can't put my feet exactly where I want them to be. As if the ground was moving towards or away from me. This is sometimes better, sometimes worse, but it is a constant condition. It is particular bad when climbing narrow, steep stairs. I also tend to bump into door frames or other obstacles when I come "around the corner". This can be both the inside or outside door frame side as I can't really determine the arc of my curve properly. Have been to tons of doctors, but no diagnosis, no treatment. Over those long years I learned to cope with it, but it is still very annoying. Now, the crazy thing is that I can ride my bicycle just fine, I have absolutely no problems with it. No vertigo, no swaying whatsoever. The vertigo is completely gone then. I can also perfectly skate on ice (or with inliners), also swimming is perfectly fine, even when the surf is up. But walking just doesn't work. Years ago a friend said to me "Hey, this is very typical for Parkinson". To which I thought "Yeah, right. I'm early 40s and my hands aren't shaking", so I dismissed it. But now my father at the age of 81 was diagnosed with PD. Also his hands aren't shaking, but for years he had been walking really badly, leaning forward, very small steps, often scratching over the floor. We all thought this was just age related but now it is clear that this is PD. And all of a sudden I remembered the remark of being able to cycle, but not walking. Has anybody similiar experiences ? I'm wondering what the best thing was to do now: - Does a DATSCAN 100% safely prove of disprove PD or is it just one aspect? - would it make sense to try L-Dopa just to see what happens? Would it work for sure? I know that a doctor has to see about it, but it will take quite a while until I have an appointment. Best regards V.