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  1. Is there any more recent research or information about high iron levels and parkinsons?
  2. hiker

    Muscle atrophy on one side? Misdiagnosed?

    What kind of scan diagnoses hemi-atrophy? And how is it treated?
  3. hiker

    Vitamin B3 ????

    I had the same question....
  4. hiker

    Vitamin B3

    What do you think of this study and Vitamin B3 for parkinson's?
  5. hiker

    Good morning!!

    Love it! Is that from Oklahoma?
  6. hiker

    ER vs 3x/day

    I am taking Ropinirole hcl 1mg at 7am, 1pm, 5pm. Someone just told me there is Ropinirole extended release. Why would you take it 3x day when there is ER available? Advantages/disadvantages? And is 3mg/day considered low or average dosage? I also take rasagaline 1mg day. Thanks!
  7. hiker


    Has anyone had success with cognitive behavior therapy and/or sleep restriction to treat insomnia? I've had insomnia for almost 20 years and still trying to tame the beast! I take melatonin but find it marginally helpful. Surprisingly I only occassionaly have daytime sleepiness.
  8. hiker

    Passing out

    So now I am up to 3mg/day with no side effects and definitely helping with symptoms!
  9. Does Requip/Ropinirole cause weight gain? If so it is the drug that causes weight gain, or is it indirectly because of side effect of compulsive eating? Thanks!
  10. hiker


    Do you find that the Ropinerole helps your symptoms?
  11. hiker

    Passing out

    Thanks! So I am guessing that at 1.5 mg/day my dosage is still pretty low. I'm going to ask my MDS if i should increase it. She gave me the choice of agonist or a C-L, and left it up to me to choose.
  12. hiker

    Passing out

    JB what dosage of requip were you on when you got the sleep attacks? I just started .5mg three times/day and don't notice any side effects but also don't notice any symptom relief.
  13. hiker


    How do you decide whether to start with an agonist or Carbidopa-levodopa? I was diagnosed 1.5 yrs ago and am 55 with primarily motor symptoms (no tremor.) My MDS recommended I start taking something, and she said it is up to me which drug I start with. So why would I take one over the other? HOw do you decide?
  14. hiker


    Thank you! Just curious - what is the "average" dosage you see for newly diagnosed patients? And do you see many with dizzyness as a side effect?
  15. hiker


    Thank you! Just curious - what is the "average" dosage you see for newly diagnosed patients? And do you see many with dizzyness as a side effect?