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  1. Mono Medication

    Thank you Dr Okun.
  2. Trying Sinemet

    Anyone having weight loss issues with the use of Sinemet? I also wake up 2 to 3 times in the night to pee. I am on 1/2 and a quarter of 25/250 Sinemet every 2.5 hours.
  3. Mono Medication

    Dear Dr Okun, I saw my doctor about a month ago and I complained about the wearing off. She mentioned Stalevo-200 which also not available here. She is reluctant to give me Modipar (I hope I am right). I will see her on Tuesday. Any suggestions to help with the wearing off? As this is affecting my eating. The anxiety has really reduced with the increased frequency of Sinemet. Regards.
  4. Mono Medication

    Thank you Doctor. I am following your earlier response of every 2 hours till I get to see my doctor on Tuesday. It seems Sinemet is addressing the anxiety issues too. I feel less anxiety when on? Any comments on this?
  5. Mono Medication

    Dear Dr Okun, I saw my doctor a couple of months ago after your suggestion on the use of Artane. Amantadine was recommended but not readily available. Can I continue with the Sinemet alone? I am currently using half and a quarter of the 25/250 Sinemet every 3 hrs. Also please is there anything like diminishing return on the use as I have noticed that on time is now about 2.5 hours. I now have the Mucuna Pruriens seeds. BR
  6. Sinemet Use

    Thank you you so much. I will keep you updated as I progress.
  7. Sinemet Use

    I feel I should give more details. The dose of the Artane is 5mg 2x daily. I notice that my thumbs shake slightly when I am not active though I manage to control them. My wife has complained that I am more active than my usual self when I am 'ON'. Anxiety has been there as a part of me for a long time but became more pronounced since I was diagnosed with PD and since I lost my job. I control this by increased activity. I saw a psychiatrist for counseling. My doctor is reluctant to give me a medication for the anxiety and I agree with her. Many of the PD medications that I have seen in the other posts on this forum are not available in my country. I hope you have a better view of my case now. Many Thanks.
  8. Sinemet Use

    Thanks for the early response. The symptoms are as follows when I'm off : Very slow movements, dragging of the left leg, stiffness of the left arm (no swinging when walking ), uncontrollable shaking of the left leg when on or off periods is approaching, general body weakness, anxiety which delays the on period start up, ulcer-like stomach pain,. All these become more aggravated when stressed up. Also I come on at about 40 minutes after using the Sinemet. I do not feel any effects on the symptoms after using Artane. Because I feel very uncomfortable when off I tend to use the Sinemet about 15 minutes before the 3 hrs spacing. Many Thanks.
  9. Sinemet Use

    Thank you very much. I was with my Doctor about a week ago and she said there are alternative medications for Artane but the issue in my country is with Availability and Affordability. She recommended Amantadine 100mg daily dose. Also to adjust the Sinemet (25/250) to half 3hrly. She observed that I displayed more anxiety than the last visit and said this may be why I lost weight. I have now got the Mucuna Pruriens seeds but I don't have a processing procedure to protect the L-Dopa during heating. I will continue to search. Any advice on Amantadine as I have read about some of the scary side effects?
  10. Sinemet Use

    Thank you so much. I am currently sourcing for the Mucuna Pruriens. I am scheduled to see my doctor in a week and I will ask for an alternative for the Artane. I hope the alternative will be available here Best Regards
  11. Sinemet Use

    Thank you Dr. but am I right or missing anything by stopping the Bromocryptine
  12. Sinemet Use

    Dear Dr Okun, I am glad to find you here. I am writing from Nigeria. We only have the 25/250 Sinemet here. At the start of treatment about 7 years ago I was placed on Sinemet 1/2 tab 3x daily, Bromocryptine 1 tab 2x daily and Artane 1 tab 2x daily. At present, l use 1/2 tab every 3 hrs because of the frequency of off periods. I have stopped using the Bromocryptine.(on my doc advise) I find my left foot shake uncontrollably a few times during the day. I have lost a lot of weight due to not being able to eat enough as I have to use the Sinemet 1 hr before food. Do you have any advice on how I can extend the On hours? Or any other general advice. DBS is not available in Nigeria and coming to you in the US is too costly for me, the last time I checked with you. Many thanks.