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  1. Dear Doctor Okun, I met a friend who has had PD for 16 years now. He told me about Sinemet plus (25/100).This variant is not easy to come by in Nigeria. I use Sinemet 25/250. This friend says he is very much better now and can drive himself around. Is there an explanation for this or is it just psychological? He also uses Rotigotine 6mg.(transdermal patch) I started Amantadine about a month ago but I am not feeling any better. I sleep less and feel so uncomfortable and more restless. I would have stopped the use but my family says they see improvement in me. Any advice? My next appointment is in 4weeks.
  2. Dear Doctor Okun, I saw the abstract of your article on weight loss in PD and you wrote about intervention . At what point do you intervene and what would it be. I have lost 20kg in the past 2 years. It is affecting my personality so I hardly socialize. Also my blood Triglyceride is 170. I was given Lipitor to treat this but I read some literature that cast doubts on the safety. What alternatives do I have? Is high Triglycerides related to PD? Best Regards.
  3. Dear Dr Okun, It's been quite a while. I saw another Neurologist last week who insisted that I must start Amantadine 100mg twice daily. She also reduced the Sinemet dose to 1tablet every six hours (25/250). This is not working. I was on three quarters every 2hrs which was working except for faster weight loss and dyskinentia (.? Spelling). My question: 1. Does Amantadine reduce or neutralize Sinemet? 2. Does Amantadine increase the uncontrollable movements before it regulates it. 3.Does too much Sinemet cause immobility. I am experiencing a lot of pain in my legs and not being able to walk during the off periods. 4. Does Artane have any effect on movement or ability to walk? I have noticed that if I use 2.5mg with the Sinemet, it becomes quicker for me to be back on and be able to walk normally. I hope this is not too long. Many Thanks.
  4. Bode

    Timing of Medication

    Thank you Dr. Okun. Regards
  5. Bode

    Timing of Medication

    Dear Doctor Okun. I have found it very difficult to comply with accurate timing for the use of Sinemet. Would I be right to use the medications based on time intervals rather than accuracy of time? (i. แบน. must it be 2pm then 4pm or if I used the last one at 225pm I could take the next dose at 425pm for a 2hr interval?). My Best Regards.
  6. Bode

    Mono Medication

    Yes Doc, I understand that Mucuna powder is approved for PD in India. My MD will be at the forthcoming conference and I hope to see her when she gets back. Do have a great conference. Regards.
  7. Bode

    Mono Medication

    Thank you very much Dr Okun. I will try to get the seeds into powdery form and see what happens after my next visit to the doctor. I have found out that all these recommendations of supplements, Tyrosine etc, hardly ever work. They just increase the treatment cost unnecessarily. Best Regards
  8. Bode

    Mono Medication

    Many thanks Dr Okun. Can I have access to this paper? My MD is not usually in agreement with any trials until absolutely convinced. Regards
  9. Bode

    Mono Medication

    Many thanks Dr Okun. Mr Otolorin. I wish you a Happy new year too. I don't process the Mucuna seeds since many of the processing methods cause Dopamine losses. I just eat it raw like a snack. I have read in one of the replies on this platform that there is essentially nothing like Dopamine overdose. It is difficult to determine the effectiveness of the Mucuna as I have never used it alone. My Best Regards.
  10. Bode

    Mono Medication

    Dear Doctor Okun, I have seen so many options and combinations of medications on many PD platforms. Please apart from Sinemet are there other effective and safe medications I can use? What is your advice on the use of Immunocal (Bonded Cysteine Isolate). Does any of your patients use it? Regards.
  11. Bode

    Mono Medication

    Thank you Dr Okun.
  12. Bode

    Trying Sinemet

    Anyone having weight loss issues with the use of Sinemet? I also wake up 2 to 3 times in the night to pee. I am on 1/2 and a quarter of 25/250 Sinemet every 2.5 hours.
  13. Bode

    Mono Medication

    Dear Dr Okun, I saw my doctor about a month ago and I complained about the wearing off. She mentioned Stalevo-200 which also not available here. She is reluctant to give me Modipar (I hope I am right). I will see her on Tuesday. Any suggestions to help with the wearing off? As this is affecting my eating. The anxiety has really reduced with the increased frequency of Sinemet. Regards.
  14. Bode

    Mono Medication

    Thank you Doctor. I am following your earlier response of every 2 hours till I get to see my doctor on Tuesday. It seems Sinemet is addressing the anxiety issues too. I feel less anxiety when on? Any comments on this?