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    Dear Mr. Comes, Thank you for your reply, I understand that I need to consult my doctor and try with one medication. There are many video files on YouTube but they are either irrelevant to my needs or seem not trustworthy. Regards, Nataliya
  2. Nataliya


    Hello! I need your advice in regards of doses. 1. What is the Atremorine dose if conventional medicine is administered, levocarb 150 mg/day (1.5 pills x 4) and entacapone 800 mg/day (200 mg x 4). 2. How to gradually lower the doses of the two latter medications while increasing the dose of Antremorine? 3. Can AtreMorine as alternative treatment gradually replace levocarb and entacapone which have negative side effect? Could you please also refer to Parkinson patients, if you know any, who were in a similar situation as mine? Your reply will be appreciated. Thank you.