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  1. Just got the news 😕

    Hello Bluelion, i am father of 4 (4,9,13,15) diagnosed 4 months ago at 38. Still adjusting to my new symptoms. First month was a worst for me and now i am emotionally in much better shape .Humans are highly adaptive species, so I guess key is enjoy present moments you have and try not to blame yourself. I think there are quite a few more nasty deceases and life situations. It is also good filter to validate your relationships. I am financially worry about my kids, but at the same time they are biggest bright angels of my life and purpose to keep moving.
  2. Hello Sherrie, i found a link on mjfox foundation blog which i am not able to find now. here is 23andme page describing genetic sub study - https://www.23andme.com/pd/. Official name of sub study was "Fox Insight Genetic Sub-study". It seems there is recent more broad announcement https://blog.23andme.com/news/new-parkinsons-disease-research-collaboration-michael-j-fox-foundation/. As i remember when i register in fox insights there was a button join sub study or something like this. I had to provide personal information and state that i have PD diagnosed by doctor, then there was a big base study i had to fill (more than 100 questions). Sorry that i can't provide more specific details since i found it just by browsing mjfox blog or twitter. Trying to find genetic substudy form i found form for wearable substudy mentioned in my question https://www.michaeljfox.org/fox-insight-form.html. I will try to find original substudy page or from i used and i will update this thread if i will find it.
  3. Thanks PatriotM for response, Did you research any apple apps for this purpose? Technically Apple Watch has all sensors to measure and just wonder if someone created app specifically for tracking tremors.
  4. Hello, received my DNA health and ancestry results from 23andme.com. Parskinson patients can get it free through https://foxinsight.michaeljfox.org. Does anyone who participated in FoxInsights had chance to receive smart watches to track tremors? Was surprised to see that only 40 people participated in age group 35-44. Hoping more people to share their DNA examples, so computers eventually can crack a Parkinson problem. Reviewing ancestry reports is fun. Are you using any tracking or fitness devices to track your PD exercises, symptoms such as tremors.
  5. Coffee intake triggers shaking

    I am not taking any meds yet. And i usually have coffee at work -one hour after my breakfast.
  6. Hello fellows, I started noticing link between coffee intake and overall shakiness in my body. In mornings few minutes after coffee i starting to shake(arms,legs,neck) and have overall feeling of light tremors. Main difference from regular tremors is that it's affecting all my body. This shaking last around 1-2 hours. In contrast green tea doesn't trigger any reaction and give me feeling of energy boost. When i skip coffee all above symptoms are gone and i have regular days with few periods of hand tremors and general right side stiffness. How does coffee affects your PD symptoms?
  7. Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences. It is always helps to know that you are not along and have a perspective of those who went through similar stages of their life. Time to establish regular exercise schedule and stick to it. I played ice hockey once a week for past 4 years, but it is time to select something with less probability of injuries and i became less useful on ice for my team. Started attending box classes once a week and doing 3 miles runs 3 times a week. @Stump, maybe we will do fishing some day - i guess we are close by Does anyone experienced mass loss with PD, i used to be 165 lb in Feb 2017 with my 5'9 height. Now it seems most of my fat is gone and my weight stabilized around 150 lbs since July.
  8. Yesterday had second opinion with same verdict -Parkinson. I am 38 years old father of 4 kids and none working wife. Last 2 months spent with anxiety regarding finances and overall depression. But kids are charging my batteries and keep me going. Gone from occasional right hand tremors when stressed and right shoulder stifness (few months ago) to daily tremors during morning and day, dystonia in right leg and arm. Not taking any meds yet and wonder what was your timelines when you said that it no more manageable and time to start pills. Originally i was thinking delaying meds as long as i can to perform my office work duties.I informed my boss and HR so i can concentrate on work and not overthink hiding symptoms. What is your Parkinson progression timeline noticing- > diagnosis - > meds? Do you regret delaying taking meds or starting them earlier?