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    Nicotine Patch for PD.

    Hello sorry for my english . i use nicotine patch since five years and it s change my life. the efficacity of nicotine patch depends of your age, your date of diagnostic, your genetic ect ... two trial should publish their result in the end of this year. NICOPARK II , Dr Villafane (APHP) NIC PD , dr Oertel and Boyd (mj fox foundation) we re impatient to konw their results but it seem positif
  2. cocodam

    Nicotine Patches

    Hi, i'm french,sorry for my english. have you some information to the results of NIC-PD, trial ? mjfox foundation seem want to present this trial in a conference in october in new york. I use nicotine patch since five years, by dr villafane who made two trial NICOPARK I and NICOPARK II THANK YOU