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    Ambulatory EEG after diagnosis

    My mom was diagnosed yesterday, but I suspected PD all along. She's had a stroke (2014) and also brain tumor (2000.) She also has Diabetes, kidney disease, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, hypertension, incontinence and near-constant fatigue. She is just 69, and despite these conditions she moves okay (albeit, very slowly!) and tries to have a good attitude. My question though is.... IN addition to an MRI and an EEG, her doctor has ordered an "ambulatory EEG" to be done for 3 DAYS in her home. She does not have seizures though. Anyone else have to do an ambulatory EEG? I'm wondering if it's really necessary b/c it sure will be an inconvenience to her current situation. Or if the doc just wants to do it for monetary gain?