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  1. Superdecooper

    PD Guy - Shot Thru The Heart

    Wow, this thread is getting really deep and personal. Yikes! No McCall, I haven’t considered implants. But I would if my wife asked me to, or if my urologist thought it would help. I’m not sure how I would feel if later my wife had a health issue that made sex less appropriate. Probably upset, but life is like that with lots of twists and turns. Otolorin, I think sex counseling is a problem for people regardless of whether PD is involved. It’s just another of those hang ups that Americans face. Unfortunately we live in a puritanical society that uses sex to market products. Very confusing for most people. You can go to counseling yourself to get yourself straightened out, but at some point you might need your wife to come with you. Maybe your counseling will give you the courage and the words to say to make a difference with your wife. -S
  2. Hey Zer0, i hope you keep fighting for your health. It may not be PD, but you have a right to find out a definitive diagnosis and get the right treatment, plan, medications and piece of mind. Seems like what you have is not PD, but you’ve been hanging around this board because folks are willing to listen and help you figure things out. But I’d suggest you also look elsewhere for support...that more aligns with your health concerns. But don’t give up or give into despair.. heres some reading https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/doctors-dismissed-her-but-she-turned-out-to-be-right-after-years-of-needless-suffering/2018/09/14/b5364c64-9593-11e8-810c-5fa705927d54_story.html?utm_term=.5765f38b5750
  3. Superdecooper

    Question about Link between dopamine and testosterone

    So another question will taking synthetic replacement dopamine (C/L) impact the production of testosterone? thanks
  4. Superdecooper

    Lymes Disease Mimics PD Symptoms

    Drummergirl, im sorry to hear all those symptoms. Do you still drum?
  5. Superdecooper

    New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    I've stopped posting in this thread, but wanted to make one last comment: It's been a year since (September 2017) when i visited a general neurologist because of a tremor and then logged into this forum looking for answers. In June 2018, I was formally diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and this week (September 2018) is the first time I'm seeing it in my medical records. Ah well... I didn't avoid this journey after all. But, Life goes on...I will find a way or make one.
  6. Superdecooper

    Welcome to the club

    So, PD is now part of my permanent medical record... Clinical notes from my MDS appointment this week -- Diagnoses This Visit Parkinson disease - Primary ASSESSMENT: Mr. Superdecooper is a xx-year old man with the above-mentioned history and idiopathic parkinsonism confirmed with DaTscan who is currently doing reasonably well on current regimen of antiparkinson medication, but may benefit from slightly higher dose. Change detailed below will be made. PLAN: 1. Continue Rytary but change to 48.75-195 dosage (one tab 4 times daily). 2. Continue Azilect (rasagiline) 1 mg daily. 3. Continue daily regimen of physical activity and exercise. 4. Followup visit in 6 months.
  7. Superdecooper

    Transition to higher dose of CL

    Hi Dr. C, At my last MDS visit, my Rx was changed in hopes of lengthening the time between doses and addressing some new symptoms: Rx - Carbidopa-levodopa 48.75-195 mg per ER capsule (RYTARY) Replaces carbidopa-levodopa 36.25-145 mg per ER capsule (RYTARY). The doc said to finish out my current meds - i have about 4 weeks left - and then start the higher dosage. He didn't want me to waste the lower strength Rytary. My question is - I don't want to just jump from one to the other. I'm looking to make a smoother transition if possible. Go slowly if possible. I'd like to take the 36/145 for three times a day and then take the 48/195 one time a day for about a week. Then gradually substitute the higher dosage for pills 3 and 4 for about a week, then switch over totally to the higher dose for all four pills in about 2 weeks. Is that okay, or would you recommend something else? Maybe doubling up on the 36/145 for the 4th dose? Thanks for all your help and for all you do for this forum, Superdecooper
  8. Superdecooper


    I just met a guy who was diagnosed in 2015. He has the symptoms and takes CL. Guess what, he just asked his MDS are you sure I have PD? Seems like it's not unusual to problems with acceptance. I said to him, 3 years later and you're still looking for verification. He said, yes but he knows he has PD.
  9. Superdecooper

    Who's on your healthcare team?

    Thanks this was helpful.
  10. Superdecooper

    Who's on your healthcare team?

    Hi Gardner, To each his own. I hate going to the doctors almost as much as I hate taking pills. But I do it anyway for my loved ones. I've had several family members who avoided the "medical industrial complex" (no physical exams, no routine visits, no follow ups for testing, no mental health care).. ... leading to early graves, some as young as 46. LAD, seems like you got a family connection going on and Stump - seems like you must live in an area with not a lot of local medical care, plus the kids always come first. I get it. In addition to my list above, I also have a cardiologist, an ENT doc, and a couple of massage therapists. I'll probably add an acupuncture doc and maybe a personal trainer, soon. But I'm pretty physically active. I swim six miles a week and walk about 10 miles a week. I've been an amateur athlete for most of my life with a natural affinity for competitive sports like martial arts, weight lifting, etc. I'm just a few years shy of 60. Regardless of PD, I don't plan on going quietly into that goodnight. -S
  11. Superdecooper

    Welcome to the club

    Here’s an odd thing. When I am happy, like watching a really great suspenseful movie, or seeing old friends, or laughing, then my left leg starts tapping full force. If I happened to be sitting down at the time Its like my foot decides to let me know- we are really having a good time right now, buddy. So odd, but kinda funny. Most of my symptoms are all on my right side except for a tremor in my left index finger. -S
  12. Superdecooper

    Who's on your healthcare team?

    So, I'm building a support system for myself of medical professionals I can rely on to help when things spiral out of control. Preferably those comfortable enough to talk with me by email or phone, without having to schedule an appointment that could be weeks away. But if not, who are at least willing to get me in for an appointment within days, not weeks. So far, I've got: Two physical therapists - who treat PD and have given personal emails to contact them; also supplied me with loads of specialized exercise information. A Neuropsychiatrist - who I see twice a month, or less, who will talk by email. A general practitioner doc - who will see me the same day that I call. A chiropractor - who will see me the same day. An MDS - who sees me every three months, but also will contact me by phone and email pretty quickly I'm looking for a nutritionist. Did I leave any medical professional out?
  13. Superdecooper

    This & that!

    When a Bear Comes to Visit by superdecooper (c) 2018 They scratch, they bite. They're not polite. Visit without calling, coming unannounced into the middle of everything else. Won't sit still, gnawing on leftover meals. They're real. The place they like the best is sitting on my chest. Heavy, like a load of iron dead weight. I gather my strength to fight; but those claws that catch, those jaws that bite. On my chest, maybe the thing to do is just breathe. When bears come to visit, they will move on. Nothing to see here. Just breathe.
  14. Superdecooper

    Weaning off arthritis meds

    Hi Mark, I'm thinking about cutting back on the amount of medicine I take for arthritis/bulging spinal discs. Before the whole PD circus began, I was taking percocet 7.5/325 4x daily. But the neurologist had me stop that when I started taking (1mg Azilect 1x daily) in December. Instead of taking percocet, the pain management doc substituted (300 mg of gabapentin 1x daily) at bedtime. I also started seeing a chiropractor (spinal manipulations and cold laser therapy) and swimming. I've stopped the chiropractic visits for the time being. In December, I also continued taking (10mg of baclofen 3x daily), and (150mg of Arthrotec 3x daily). In June, after I was formally diagnosed with PD and put on( Rytary 36/145 4x daily at 6, 11, 4 and 10), most of the spinal pain and stiffness evaporated. That's freakin awesome!!!! So, I have cut down to (20mg of baclofen - 5mg at 6am and 10 am and 10 mg at bedtime) and (150mg of Arthrotec 2x daily). I'm still taking gabepentin. Questions: I don't think i am going to be able to get off baclofen during the day because it is still having a good impact on dystonia in my dominant hand and right foot. But maybe I could stop the dose I take at bedtime. If I wanted to try to decrease the arthrotec or the gabepentin, how would I do that? I'd like to avoid going cold turkey and having withdrawal side-effects. I understand it might be wise to leave well enough alone, but I feel a need to give my body a rest from some of the meds for a while, if possible. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. -S
  15. Superdecooper

    PD is not the end

    HI Linda, Thanks for the post. "The people who are the most comforting and the most encouraging are those who have endured hardships and have been made smooth because of those challenges." The gist seems to be that life's troubles, such as Parkinson's, will make you graceful and smooth like a stone, worn by time and ocean currents. I've heard that before. I'll let you know how it works out after I get out of this riptide and come up for air. -S