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  1. Handwriting changes

    I'm noticing a definite lack of braveness on my part this morning ... in regards to making that call... -S
  2. Handwriting changes

    This morning my orthopedic doc scheduled me for more physical therapy on my shoulder and said go back to the neurologist. My interesting life continues. -S
  3. Handwriting changes

    Oh man. I've got to get some help here. Tonight while driving home, my hand just unclasp itself from the steering wheel.... not good at all. -s
  4. Handwriting changes

    Does anyone have lot of hand pain and cramping? yikes.
  5. Similarities between Essential Tremor and PD

    Kevin, Now that's incredible. So why do they think you are having brain surgery? Why would anyone chose that unless things had gone pretty sideways? Some people, i tell ya! I had an anterior cervical disc fusion surgery in which the doctors remove a cervical disc from my neck and replaced it with a piece of my illac crest bone from my hip. Do you think there's anyway I would have said yes to that if I can any other choice - i tried meds, PT, injections, massage, hynotism (i think it backfired) and the list goes on. Anyway, do you also have ET or were you only diagnosed with PD? And do you have to take meds for both? -S
  6. Similarities between Essential Tremor and PD

    Melissa, thanks for the light bed time reading. Yikes! But it did answer a few questions I had. Some symptoms definitely overlap. I'm glad I didn't go to med school. Seems like I may switch my neurologist to an MDS in order to get the best treatment the next time I go in for a checkup. -S
  7. Hi gang, ive been doing some reading on Essential Tremor and Parkinson's. There are some similarities I've noticed. Also, I've seen some posts on this forum of people who first had ET and later were diagnosed with PD. Has anyone experienced this and is it common? And are the two brain disorders linked in some way? Here's part of a posting about ET from the National Organization of Rare Diseases. I've been diagnosed with ET and I'm definitely dealing with some of this stuff, especially the anxiety and depression. -S ------- In recent years, researchers have determined that non-motor symptoms develop in individuals with ET more commonly than in individuals within the general population. Such symptoms include cognitive deficits, personality changes, and depression. Hearing impairment and an altered sense of smell (mild olfactory dysfunction) have also been reported in some studies. Cognitive dysfunction appears to be more likely to occur in individuals with an older age of onset of the disorder.ET is often associated with a variety of social and psychological consequences. The disorder can cause difficulty with normal daily activities and can potentially dramatically impact an individual’s quality of life. Affected individuals may avoid social or stressful situations due to anxiousness and frustration.Recent epidemiological studies indicate that individuals with ET are at slightly increased risk of developing dementia (particularly Alzheimer’s disease) compared to their age-matched counterparts without ET. Similar studies also show that persons with ET have a more than four-times increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. The mechanisms for these associations are currently under study.
  8. Goodbye to Caffeine for a while - ET

    Thanks for the suggestions Linda. I just noticed a definite upswing in the tremors when I eat chocolate or drink coffee. Man. I love chocolate. and i'm fond of coffee, but honestly, i could live without it and often do whenever I'm home alone. You are definitely in a better spiritual place with dealing with your health problems than I am. I will get there, i think, but I've got some work to do. And some alone time to think things through. I'm not of much use to anyone else yet, but who knows what the future holds. I certainly didn't see Essential Tremor in my future. Meanwhile, I am enjoying my efforts to distract myself with music and with taking my wife out on the weekends. Last weekend we went to the Newseum in DC, which is a museum dedicated to news.. The exhibit of the Pulitzer prize winning photos was extraordinary. So was the exhibit of all the daily newspaper front pages... very interesting to see how the same story is told differently in other cities. We also went out to see the movie, A mountain between us -- it was a date movie, but an okay diversion. I also ahve a good book I'm reading by Lee Child called "the night school." It's a Jack Reacher mystery.. easy reading. And I'm working on Mozart's Piano Concerto in A major, K488, 2nd movement. So that is keeping me from concentrating on my hands and my spine. I'm also thankful for this forum and the people on it. Definitely making my life more tolerable right now. -S
  9. Goodbye to Caffeine for a while - ET

    ok, that does it. i'm taking a break from coffee and chocolate for a while.
  10. Handwriting changes

    Hey JB I love getting mail from people who address me or my alter ego Scoop Newsworthy. Fyi, the doctor has already diagnosed me with essential tremor, and my hand writing isn't getting smaller it's getting larger and floppier and crazy looking. I still have some other symptoms that match up with the non-motor ssymptoms of PD, but I'm taking the ignorance is bliss route on those - it's what any self-respecting red-blooded male would do. Right now I don't have Parkinson's, and as far as I can tell I'm not in danger of developing it, even though I know some people do get hit with a double Whammy. My fine motor skills are also taking somewhat of a beating when it comes to typing, mouse control, holding books and newspapers, drinking from a coffee cup or glass, or doing exercise. Exercise causes my tremor to kick in as my energy output increases, Especially stretches that cause my spine to twist. I'm thinking of putting my journalism skills to use on behalf of Parkinson's and essential tremor, but I have to do it in such a way that does not conflict with my solemn responsibility not to engage in advocacy. I think I might be able to do some blog writing but I have to be careful. Christmas is coming you're right, JB. But I think I will have my wife do the cards. I've decided that the best role for me would be to put up the Christmas tree and string the lights. My brain is sending signals to my hands to tell them to jump around, but the switch seems to be stuck in the on position. Not all the time but often enough that I get a little embarrassed. I don't like that. But what can I do about it. Whatever will be will be. Didn't Doris Day become famous seeing about that? In the meantime I've been going to the movies and living vicariously through the stories on screen. I love movies. I also love music. In my future I'm going to write a movie soundtrack. It's going to be great. By the way Linda, here is a link to a song I wrote in early 2003. I wrote the music and the words. https://youtu.be/WJtD4Jug6WU -S
  11. Handwriting changes

    I'm still wondering about my super stiff shoulder - could be cervical spondylosis - so that's the pain management orthopedic doc, I think. I know it's not a rotator cuff tear, but it could be scar tissue. But what about my stiff and painful right hand. I'm not sure which doctor treats that. Is that related to essential tremor. And I'm still having some vivid dreams and night shaking. I talked to the pharmacist who doubled checked my meds and none have dreams and jerking in my sleep as a side effect. Maybe I'll just ignore that for a while? If it's still happening next year I will reschedule a visit with the neurologist in February.
  12. Handwriting changes

    Hi gang, So, I am making some headway in getting new technologies to help combat my shaky hands at work. The IT department gave me a trackball mouse that should cut down on the number of double clicks. I also learned how to change the settings in windows and word to stop some of the double strikes and miss spelling. My hand writing is noticeably messy, so I'm not sure how to deal with that. I can't read what I write. That's discouraging to me. I'm going to be testing out some Voice to text software this week. Maybe I can use that for notetaking? I am also looking for a new audio recorder and possibly a Bluetooth earpiece. I also found an organization called the International essential Tremor foundation. I might volunteer some time with them if I can do it in a way that doesn't conflict with my journalistic responsibility not to engage in Advocacy. I also talked to my company's EAP counselor and the HR department to get some help dealing with this. So a pretty successful week, I'd say. -S
  13. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    Another concern I have is, how do I deal with this in public? I have a pretty public job where I’m in front of people talking, in small groups, sometimes on TV. When I hold my phone out to interview someone, my hand starts shaking. It’s noticeable. I’m worried someone is going to say something. I guess I could train myself to use my left hand. Maybe that would work? - S
  14. New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

    This feels more like I’m not out of the woods yet. Like I’m not in the deepest part of the forest, rather I’m at the edge of the trees, looking over at a green field. Now I have to figure out what direction to move.
  15. Handwriting changes

    Wow, that is so odd. I've been squeezing my stress therapy ball for the last week because my hand is very stiff and painful. I actually brought it into my bedroom last week and put it on my nightstand so I could squeeze it as soon as I wake up. It really has made a difference. But my hand is kinda painful and I didn't know that that was also a symptom of Essential Tremor. I thought it was just the shaking, not stiffness too. I have to do some reading to see what other folks are doing. -S