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    Hi, I'm 35, married with 4 kids, I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's roughly about a week ago. I can say it's been a really long and frustrating journey. I've likely been having signs and symptoms for around 6-7 years, been seen by several neurologist and doctors, with a lot of them saying that they just didn't know what's going on, and I'm too young to be having issues. It wasn't until I saw my current doctor who finally reviewed all my symptoms and history, and came through with the Parkinson's diagnosis. I have been put on sinemet 25/100, 3 times a day, and my symptoms have been better, the muscle stiffness isn't as bad, and my tremors have decreased. I am still dealing with speech and swallowing issues, also not sleeping through the night/restlessness. Any tips or suggestions would be great!! Thanks!!