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  1. Nutrition interventions

    Waruna01 - I have not heard of thripala - how do you take it? Dissolved in hot water? Where do you buy it? LindaG
  2. Nutrition interventions

    Sorry, it’s not every few days, it’s more like every other week or every 5 days. Best way to know for sure that you are in ketosis IMO is to get a ketone meter. Keep us posted on your experience ok?
  3. Nutrition interventions

    Natasha - Thanks for this older link. The strategy for switching in and out of ketosis is that I’m driving for metabolic flexibility; that is, the ability to move between burning sugar and burning fat. This is where the health benefits lie. It’s just one prong of my lifestyle experiment. N= 1 Linda
  4. Nutrition interventions

    My HDL most recently was 75 which is also considered high. However ... I'd recommend researching the subject of cholesterol (and statins) before you agree to take a statin. There are a couple of ratios that may make more sense to measure than absolute numbers when it comes to cholesterol (see Fat for Fuel by Dr Joesph Mercola). The ratios are triglycerides to HDL (should be under 2.0), and HDL to total cholesterol (should be above 24%). There seems to be quite a bit of disagreement on the topic of the role of cholesterol in the body, and I'd urge you to ask your doctor where he stands. Why is a high HDL considered bad? Is there any actual link between a high cholesterol number and heart disease? What is the trade off between a lower body weight (I have lost, and maintained, quite a bit of weight on my keto diet) and lower inflammation and a higher cholesterol? Good luck on this. Linda
  5. crossfit for daily exercise?

    Hi NCFred - My routine is varied but I try to move for one hour a day minimum - including mat pilates, a bicycle HIIT routine, and 30 min on cross country ski machine 3 x per week, walking (outdoors if possible) for at least 30 minutes daily, free weights lifting 2 x per week. I don't participate regularly (yet) in any PWP classes as I don't find they push me enough but I do like the support aspect. I have found that the nutrition and sleep aspects of my life also hugely impact my symptoms so I follow the biohackers and alt medicine doctors for other ideas. Good luck. LindaG
  6. Nutrition interventions

    Going well ncrocker. I think the fat-based diet is helping me, and it makes keeping my weight at an optimal level much easier. I cycle the ketogenic part of my diet, being strict for a few days and then eating more complex carbs for a few days. Recently I have been focusing on sleep quality also, and improving my sleep hygiene seems to make a big difference in my day-to-day PD symptoms.
  7. Nutrition interventions

    Thank you for this! I’ll check it out. Linda
  8. Nutrition interventions

    Hi all - Just joined this forum specifically to participate in the nutrition forum, which I see is closed. Wondering what people are doing nutritionally and lifestyle-wise to support the meds and DBS interventions. I was diagnosed in 2011, had DBS in 2014, and am now eating a ketogenic diet, exercising, and using intermittent fasting to what feels like good effect. Any body else?