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  1. Kat2017

    Just diagnosed at age 40

    Thank you David and Mimi! I really appreciate you sharing your stories and for all the good advice!
  2. Kat2017

    Just diagnosed at age 40

    Hi Amy2Beth, I'm 39 and was just diagnosed last Thursday. I've had symptoms for awhile now, even up to 10 years. My main issues are an internal tremor, unbalanced, and now I have more noticeable shaking hands. I'm pretty confused about what medicines to start taking, I live in a small town and don't have access to a Movement Disorder Specialist. I've heard that Sinemet only works well for about 5 years, so it scares me to start something soon and then be out of luck in 5 years when I'd only be in my mid 40's. My mom and grandmother both had Parkinson's, so in my case I think it must be genetic although they were both diagnosed later in life (mom at 60, and grandmother at 70+). Very scared, but trying to take it day by day now. Hang in there! Kat