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    I Live in Bogotá - Colombia , hugs !!
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    Great Club

    Hi everybody, mi name is Andrés , im 37 years old, with two lovely kids, 5 and 1 year; mi quest began in the early 2016 when i start to feel the symptoms, just in june of 2017 i have a final Diagnostic, and is so hard to think that you will left behind your family ¡¡, then i read your post, and is great all of you give me hope, no body are complain about it, all of you say that you can still have a good life, THANKS TO YOU ALL. Im doing two hours of weight lift like a bodybuilder jaja and 1/2 hour of boxing, im in Mirapex 1,5 mg only one time in the morning, my right hand is so stiff and my right leg too, i have no tremors yet, only when im eating and putting down the spoon there appear the tremor; im taking aminoacid, vitamin C & D ,L carnitine and protein(I know when i enter to levadopa i have to quit almost all protein). Do you have any advice?, i want to keep fine all the time i can;and it will be great to know somebody with YOP in Bogotá, Hugs and strength for everybody.