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  1. Got my 23andme results

    I get way stiffer and have much more pain when I'm sick. Kinda like having the stiffness from the flu only with a regular cold. And I'm not sure about those genetic tests--the real deal they wanted me to do was $14,000 (they didn't take my insurance) so I refused to do it. I'm not much about trusting anything that cheap, especially since it only looks at a couple of genes. I've had four people on two sides of the family with Parkinson's, kind of a useless test at this point. I guess it depends on the type of symptoms you have? They put me on Mirapex immediately because I'm very obvious while "off". Really bad posture, no arm swing, dysarthria, etc. I'm 32 and didn't need my employer knowing something is wrong, so they definitely put me on the meds even while in diagnosis limbo. I was switched to Requip bc of the side effects of Mirapex. Usually they will put you on the lowest dose of either Requip or Mirapex and work their way up, so I'm kinda surprised to see them not do it. I personally wouldn't be able to last very long without them.
  2. Good morning!!

    I just have to use Systane gel drops and rewetting drops. I have the same issue--the meds can do it, mine comes more from just not blinking as much. Especially since I wear contacts.
  3. I'm seeing a Parkinson's specialist at our state teaching hospital (UAMS, Dr. Dhall) so I'm sure this is something we'll discuss, but an interesting thing I've noticed when trying to read books the past few months is I have trouble focusing on close-by things. So I can read, but it's almost like one eye doesn't want to move--I have to close one eye to improve my vision. I had to do the same thing during my last contact exam but my optometrist ignored it.Otherwise, things can blur and turn into sort of an overlapping double vision. Kinda like a halo or a shadow drop font? My eyes are also majorly dry from the lack of blinking, but my vision improves if I keep blinking. Is that similar to what you talked about in the OP?
  4. dyskinesia free l-dopa

    Yep, this one is a pretty clear spammer. Got any essential oils that will completely cure me while you're at it?
  5. Quit spamming. Not when you can't even spell Michael J. Fox right. No-one click that, please.
  6. Freezing when using computer mouse.

    I too don't have a freezing problem, mine is usually my tremor and dystonia. Typing-wise I tend to hit the wrong keys because of the tremor, but with the mouse, dystonia takes over and cramps me up after a certain amount of use. I always take my doses of Requip around the times I know I'll be doing the most typing/mouse-clicking. They gave me tizanidine (sp?) for my muscle spasms, but it never did anything other than make me sleepy. Requip is the only thing that has helped with it. Siri is definitely good for tasks (set alarm, search something, call home), but if I use it for texting she misunderstands my speech a lot. Might have something to do with the Mississippi accent, haha
  7. Any experience using head controlled mouses

    That's actually really neat. Although with how stiff I get in my neck and shoulders I'm not sure that wouldn't be worse. But I bet some people with issues with freezing and the bad hand tremors could really use it.
  8. The Mask

    It's hard for me to make a fish face but I can arch one eyebrow on my "good side", haha, if nothing else I can look inquisitive
  9. 27 Male Frightened of YOPD.

    Number one, there have been people diagnosed with Parkinson's earlier than 27, so no, it isn't a "record". I agree that the person probably doesn't have Parkinson's, but that attitude is exactly the reason why some people (a lot of us in this forum 29-35) get the neurologist run around before we get a diagnosis.
  10. 27 Male Frightened of YOPD.

    Nole, When I first started having very early symptoms, they strictly looked for MS, didn't find it, and told me it "may be just the way my body reacts to things". After a 2 year carousel of worsening symptoms, here we are. That's my precautionary tale about listening to one opinion--always get a second one. Even if it's something small, it never hurts to ask. My symptoms began with stiffness in my shoulder and hip, then posture drooping, then a twitching finger, then dystonia in right foot/toes/hand, then progressive stiffness in right leg, right arm, face and so on and so on. Arm swing on right side slowly goes down (now just sits there, so I have to put my hand in my pocket). Then my upper body muscles started to puff up like I had been working out for hours. In terms of sleep, I began having night sweats and waking up 4-5 times per night. This all started when I was 29 going on 30. This didn't just happen suddenly though, it took months and months and months of continued progression from my first sign of shoulder pain. To be where I am now, it's been nearly 2 1/2 years of slow creeping up of symptoms, and even now I'm definitely functional (although obvious if not medicated) and do very well on Requip. This coupled with the fact that my grandmother, great uncle and great grandfather from the same side of the family had PD, I was put on an agonist last year. With that being said, and granted I am not a doctor (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night), it almost sounds like focal hand dystonia or carpel tunnel (there is such a thing as dystonic tremor as well). Shifting from side to side is also not a usual thing with PD--symptoms usually start on one side. Mine all started on my right. In terms of your sleeping issues, not sure. It could be stress (as much as I despise saying that because I know how that feels to hear) but it could be something else. Bowel habits wise, over the course of the last two years I've begun to slow down or have incomplete movements, which is notable for me because I have IBS-D. Anxiety can cause diarrhea as well, it has before with me many a time. This coupled with the panic attacks you describe definitely may have something to do with anxiety. At this point, if you've had that quick neuro exam, go to a GP and talk to him/her about your symptoms. I do think you have a legit concern about your health, but I wouldn't worry about PD if I were you at the moment. But still it is best to be proactive about your health and you took a great first step by asking us and going to a doc. It will definitely help for you to seek a second opinion.
  11. The Mask

    No no no, not that "Mask". When did you all start noticing "The Mask?" I had light facial stiffness beginning about the same time my mild stiffness in my right shoulder, neck and right hip began, I'd say at about 31 (32 now). My first notice of it was when I smiled in the mirror while talking to someone in the other room--I saw it and thought, "Why in the world do I have a one sided smile?" I'm not a selfie taker so it never even came to mind, but one side of my smile wasn't playing ball. I also noticed if I made a really intense frowning expression, my muscles in that area would have a tendency to get "hung up" and stuck sometimes. Mom always told me to stop making faces or it would stick that way. Now about a year later my facial expressions are less and less, at least when I'm not on Requip. It's a strange thing, because I've always been a really expressive and demonstrative person, and I'm starting to look kinda pissed off all the time (anyone remember the Seinfeld episode where Uncle Leo draws on his eyebrows too high, and the doctor tells him to "calm down?" Something like that). In a nutshell, I blink much less often now, my forehead and eyebrows feel stiff as a board and my lip does this weird stiff overhang when I talk. This has been a progressive thing, I didn't wake up as tin man or anything. I've never played poker before, but I feel like I can clean up if anyone invites me to a game. Because I work directly with the public in higher education, sometimes I'm self-conscious of the fact that my expression is starting to not match up with my mood. Given that I am in diagnosis limbo (wrote a small novel in my other thread about that) this is just another symptom to take to my new MDS in Feb and say "okay, what is this?" But when did you guys start noticing the stare/mask issue in yourself? Or I guess the better question is when did others notice?
  12. Requip Side Effects ...I'm so sick!

    Thank you--I am definitely asking the MDS about it. My previous neurologist flat out refused to give it to me due to the possibility of dyskinesia. What's bad is that I am stuck in diagnosis limbo (reason for the new MDS) and just being allowed to take it would help point them in the right direction one way or another.
  13. Requip Side Effects ...I'm so sick!

    I've just been started on Requip (Mirapex made me intensely sleepy but also ran my BP up sky high and my resting heart rate stayed around 90-100) and doing 0.5 mg 3 x per day has been giving me some nasty heartburn. I woke up choking a few days ago with pure acid/medicine taste in my throat and I have a burn/cough that refuses to go away. It helps my symptoms a lot (esp the walking and balance, like Mom2Boys said) but when I visit my MDS in Feb I really wonder if I could try Sinemet. I know they hate putting a 32 year old on that stuff, but Requip is eating my stomach and throat up.
  14. It actually ended up being a 5 minute meeting--I talked, he looked at his watch while I talked, checked my gait while I was on Requip (2 hours after dose) and basically did a "ok, well I'll see you again in 2 months". That was it, no further questions. The looking at the watch and not listening to me really upset me. So, I took matters into my own hands and I'll be seeing a MDS at UAMS in Little Rock on Feb 23. I am usually the most agreeable person you'll ever meet, but my line is crossed when you sigh and look at your watch when I explain what's going on. That was enough for me.
  15. You know, that's exactly what I told this latest doctor. I said "I think we need to try Sinemet and just prove once and for all what this is." And he goes on about how Requip is better for younger patients, no dyskinesias, etc. I totally understand, but I really thought the Sinemet challenge would be the best idea to just get the confirmation one way or another. Even if I'm not on it after the challenge is over, just do it and let's put this thing to rest and let me go on about my life instead of playing neuro-hot potato, ya know? He is a general neuro and talking about referring me to an MDS, which is what I need in the first place. I had an MDS, then moved 2 hours away, so he basically said he was done with me and sent me on to the local general neuro. I see him again on Jan 4--definitely think it's time for an MDS again and a Sinemet challenge, just for clarity's sake.