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  1. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Thanks everyone, I hope I see the light at the end of the tunnel soon! It is a big fight for me at the moment, I dread waking up each morning and am scared of being alone with my thoughts. I am usually a very positive person so these feelings are hard for me to understand. Physically the neck & shoulder pain, arm weak feeling and buzzing feeling all over is what gets me the most. I just keep telling myself it will get better and I can do this. I am looking at trying to see a specialist at either UCSF or Stanford. Anyone have any experience with either?
  2. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Thanks for your responses. I like your suggestions waruna1, but I can’t just stop the sinemet. My plan is to have DATScan and go from there. I will also be shopping around for MDS’s to get one I feel best with. For the moment I also want to be able to get over this anxiety & depression, I have so much to look forward to in life and hate this feeling I am having. Jill thanks for your reply and your prayers. This is definitely a tough journey, especially mentally for me at the moment. I really look forward to being on the other side of that struggle, I want my joy back.
  3. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Waruna01, did you have a DATScan or your symptoms just all went away?
  4. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    I didn’t jump to the PD diagnosis, when I was so stiff and arms were not getting better and other symptoms my neurologist referred me to a MDS. He seems pretty sure but is doing the DATscan per my request. I would love it to prove otherwise, but don’t want to have false hope. I didn’t realize loss of smell and constipation were a definite symptom? I would love to go to AUSTRALIA but can’t just drop everything unfortunately.
  5. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    I still have full sense of smell and have never had constipation. My main symptoms were rigidly, loss arm swing, hand control, decreased blink, some slowness and sometimes speech slurred. I guess the DATScan will be the final confirmation. I also have a 18mm pineal cyst but doctors don’t think that is contributing to anything. I have been living out of AUSTRALIA for 18 years with no problems until now. I go back a lot and my family is here a lot. I have to conquer this anxiety and then go from there. Hopefully I can get Datscan soon.
  6. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    I did not get confirmed from DatScan, I am awaiting approval from insurance. Just saw MDS today and he says I am responding to Sinemet so there is no reason for me to go off it. I asked about the mucana purines and he said that it was not a good idea. Yes I did get diagnosis when already anxious, for 8 months I had been basically thinking about every move/feeling in my body and after my car accident my neck got a lot worse so was even more conscious of everything not knowing what was going on. When I got all the neuropathy diagnosis I was relieved but PT wasn’t helping much, which is what lead back to PD. I don’t know if I could function without the sinemet if I got rid of the anxiety, I do know I could before my accident, it was the neck stiffness that made it unbearable. My top priority is to get over the mental aspect and go from there and also get a second opinion. I am from Australia, so that OS idea does sound good, especially since my family has been here during all this and leave next month which makes my anxiety spike. But I have 2 kids to take care of and my husband is a pilot so is gone a couple nights a week.
  7. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Thank you! After weeks of trying I finally got into a psychologist this week so hoping that will help. The hardest thing for me is how it just comes on, and the physical feelings that come with it. I hate not having any appetite (although I’m eating good), and zest for life even though I physically feel pretty good.
  8. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    I am still battling the anxiety/depression, is somewhat better. I’m Taking 1 sinemet 3 times a day, Celexa (started 12/14 with 20mg, upped to 40mg on 12/21) and 100mg Gabapentin with the sinemet 3 times a day (7, 12 & 5) I feel like I have accepted the diagnosis but my mind has been taken over by the anxiety. I can be all good one minute and then, boom, is like a light switch is flicked and I have a knot in my stomach and feel like I’ve been plugged into an electrical socket. I have no desire to do the things I usually love. It is really crazy to me that logically I can work through it my the feelings of anxiety are over powering. I have noticed that the anxiety maybe seems better after I take the sinemet & Gabapentin. It is much worse in the morning. I don’t sleep great but find if I am awake at night mentally I feel really good, but that goes once I wake up. Physically I’m pretty good also. But find I am agitated and my calf muscles twitch/contract when sitting still Please tell me this is just the process of getting the meds right? I’m forcing myself out to do things and exercising every day but I’m so frustrated with the anxiety and lack of interest in things. Thanks Debbie
  9. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Thank you so much for all the replies and information! Taking it day by day and trying to stay positive. I’ve got lots to be thankful for so trying to keep that mindset. If anyone has any recommendations for an MDS in the Northern California area please let me know. I believe mine is very good and knowledgeable, but I would like one more focused on natural as much as possible.
  10. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    He also put me on celexa & Xanax at night so I can sleep. Mentally I am really struggling 😢. I’m usually a positive person so this is really scaring me that I can’t control my emotions.
  11. Diagnosed at 40 very scared

    Yes he is. I have been switched to 4 sinemet a day. Still very anxious/depressed and agitated.
  12. hi, I’m a 40-year-old female just diagnosed. I’ve had symptoms down my left side with problems with hand control, tingling in fingers and rigidity in my back and no arm swing, slowness. Got rear ended in June and herniated 2 discs in neck, was in cervical collar for a week. Did nerve study after accident and told I had Ulnar Neuropathy in left arm, cervical radiculopathy and carpal tunnel in right. After months of therapy wasn’t improving was having trouble nodding head and very ridgid in back and tingling in neck down arms. In October Neurologist prescribed Sinemet. It really helped but sent me mentally on a downward spiral thinking I had PD. I weaned off it and he referred me to MDS. Symptoms got worse probably from anxiety and depression which I’ve never had before. Spent my time researching trying to prove it wasn’t PD. This of course bought on more anxiety and depression and I lost a lot of weight. Last week had had appointment with MDS, he said he was 70% sure it was PD and would be over 90% if meds helped (which I knew they would after already trying them). He said I could do dat scan but had to wait a month for approval or I could start meds and do one later if I wanted. At that point I chose the meds because I needed some relief and new they would help, I couldn’t take the feeling of not being able to shake or nod my head and I had gone from positive and happy to not finding any joy. I have been on Rytary 95 for a week, and it helps physically but mentally I am worse. To the point that I don’t want to wake up in the morning. I was prescribed Zoloft which I haven’t taken but think I will need to. I have no reason to feel this way, have 2 kids, supportive family and friends. I am so scared, more for my mental health than the PD.