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  1. How you doing with the injections? 

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    2. DestinyS


      45 year old, nurse, diagnosed 3 years ago. Not coping very well. Always exhausted and depressed. So unlike me. 

    3. DestinyS


      Sent you a message. 

    4. Brian L

      Brian L

      Up early this morning and feeling the same. Loosing my sanity .

  2. DestinyS

    what do you do for fatigue

    Where can I find information on this topic?
  3. DestinyS

    what do you do for fatigue

    Are the injections helping?
  4. The last few years have been difficult maintaining relationships with the opposite sex. I get depressed and angry towards people that care about me and they walk away. Counseling has not helped
  5. DestinyS

    speech therapy

    I read many of the recent threads and posts on this forum. Are swallowing and stuttering problems an issue at this stage?
  6. DestinyS

    Sexual dysfunction

    thank you, good to know
  7. DestinyS

    Sexual dysfunction

    Has anyone, male or female, experienced sexual dysfunction? I could not find any information on this topic