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  1. Sinemet and Baclofenn

    Thankyou so much sure i will keep u posted!
  2. Sinemet and Baclofenn

    Thankyou so much for your response i will surely follow your advise. my father doesnt take anything by mouth bcoz all food goes by PEG Tube.. i will surely keep you posted i need one small advise ... i am going to fly my country and i am going to take my dad with me. During flight i want my dad to stay and sit on wheel chair / and on board flight. if he get slip due to stiffness what should do i do? Can i give him any dose that he can stay relax and calm and dont make his leg and arm stiff? bcoz he is not able to sit more than 2 hours and 15 mins. Bcoz medicine doesnt last 4-5 hours in this case if i give him sinemet he bcome active and get slip bcoz of stiffness. So what should do i do? your response is appreciated thanks
  3. Hello My father is suffering from Advanced Parkinsons diease. My father has been taking sinemet and baclofen since last 3 years the dr told to give sinemet 3 times a day and baclofen 4 times a day 5mg last week i visit hospital and the doctor told us to give 20mg baclofen 3 times a day. the problem is when we give baclofen 20mg he get sweat badly. His body remain very very stiff... it doesnt relax him at all. In the beginning 2 days when i gave him sinemet and baclofen he was able to sit in chair. But now when we give him sinemet and baclofen together his body remain very stiff and out of control. Mean his left arm and leg remain extremely stiff that i cannot easily move them... his leg and arm remain straight and bcoz of that his body get slip and he is not able to sit on chair. we are moving country and we dont want to take my father in strecher. I want my father to sit in plane and travel Please guide me on how to adjust his medication so that he remain relax. As baclofen is for muscles relaxer but im not able to figure out which medicine shud give him first.. sinemet or baclofen? how these medicine must be adjusted so that he can sit and stay numb and dont move his arm and leg please check the attached medical report of him may be this will help u to understand his dieases... https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ynudwz8x2lekw1/Photo 1-29-18%2C 8 14 14 PM.jpg?dl=0 please i need ur guide on how to adjust his medication so he remain calm and no stifness on his body... shud sinemet be given first or baclofen? Your help is appreciated thanks