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  1. crossfit for daily exercise?

    Super, Thanks for your reply. Fred
  2. crossfit for daily exercise?

    Lad, Thanks for your reply. what is PWP and PWRMOVES? NCFred
  3. crossfit for daily exercise?

    Been going to YMCA on Saturday mornings for years. I am recently diagnosed with PD and trying to establish a daily exercise regimen. Anyone every tried crossfit for daily exercise motivation? What do you do to stay motivated? Thanks, Fred Diagnosed Oct 20 2017. currently on 1.5 tablets 25/100 CL 3 times a day. Stopped taking requip, it gave me weird dreams. Considering rasagilene, generic for azilect? No tremors, slight lean backward on left side.
  4. Recently diagnosed with PD advice welcome

    Golden, thanks for the feedback. Yesterday, changed to carbo/levedopa ER from regular carbo/levedopa, much better.
  5. Washington Post article on marathon runner with PD

    Recently diagnosed with PD. I have run approx 15 5K's prior to PD. Your story encourages me. What pills was Bret taking during the run? Thanks for sharing Fred PD diagnosed Oct 2017.
  6. I wish to thank everyone for their comments. This is all very new to me. I have several questions. Gardener, I noticed you were on tradazone at 100 mg for sleep, what is tradazone? SWVA, I noticed you are taking 4.5 Sinemet CR 25/100 per Day2.5 mg Isradipine twice a day, could you explain what the drugs are? and why you are taking 2 of them.? Thank you, Fred.
  7. Recently diagnosed with PD. How often do you go to PD doctor?
  8. Recently diagnosed with PD advice welcome

    Thanks for your comments Fred
  9. I was very sluggish mentally and physically, do not have tremors, and didn't know what problem was for about a year. Went to internist, and endocrinologist. because my senthroid had been reduced from 175 Mg daily to 125. endo wouldn't change my senthroid level. Internist put me on prosac and thought that would help but I didn't see where it did any good. Wife insisted I go to a neurologist. Neurologist examined me and put me on carbo/levod immediately October 2017,age 65. which helped, and I later asked for an increase in dosage. . I am now at 1 and 1/2 pills of 10/100 carbo/levodopa 3 times a day. Mornings I am weak, it takes a while for the levedopa to rev me up.Current neuro gave me requip to take at night as a extended release, because levodopa has a 4 hour half life. , but it kept me awake all night and gave me bad dreams. Tried taking it in the morning but still had bad dreams at night. Pharmacist says many prescriptions are given for timed release levodopa at night, but neurologist is hesitant. Neuro prescribed azilect but it is very expensive and I didn't try it, is it worth it? PD foundation says I need to find a neurologist who has a fellowship in movement disorders. Current Neurologist does not have movement disorder speciality. Sister wants me to go to a teaching hospital for treatment. what advice do you you give as to medications? exercise? and other treatments, and other doctors? Thanks, Fred