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  1. Thanks for posting this thought-provoking article, @Superdecooper.
  2. cereus

    medication goal

    Thanks so much for your reply, Dr. Okun. This is useful information. I live alone, but I have alerted my friends to keep an eye on me(!)
  3. cereus

    Ask a Physical Therapist?

    Great idea, Dianne! Do you think others also have questions for a P.T.? And how would we go about making such a request?
  4. cereus

    Ask a Physical Therapist?

    We are so lucky to have the Ask the Doctor and Ask the Pharmacist forums here. Dr. Okun and Mark Comes have been so helpful (and patient!) with my many questions. Does anybody know of a similar forum somewhere where I could ask a question of a physical therapist? Thanks. Diana
  5. cereus

    medication goal

    Hi Dr. Okun, I am slowly titrating .25 ropinirole to try to determine the ideal dose. Right now I am taking 6:00 am: 2@.25; noon; 2@.25; and 6:00 pm 1@.25. I intend to add the 2nd .25 tablet to the 6:00 pm dose in a few days. I know this is still a very low dose, but I want to be careful not to exceed what I need. On this regimen I have consistent results of a reduction in pain & stiffness in my right jaw, neck, and shoulder, as well as a great improvement in energy and mood. (I had intractable fatigue for about a year before starting this medication.) I have inconsistent results for hip, hand, and ankle pain and stiffness--mostly I don't get enough relief from these symptoms to pursue my exercise goals. When I do have a window of relief from these symptoms, I feel like a different person. I find that caffeine can sometimes boost the effectiveness of the meds, but again, that does not seem to be consistent enough to rely on. My question is : what should my target for medication effects be? Should I be able to achieve complete symptom relief consistently at this early stage of PD? Or is that an unrealistic goal? If unrealistic, what would be a more achievable goal? Thanks. Diana
  6. cereus


    One thing that has helped me, although it took a loooong time before it started working, is listening to a self-hypnosis recording. The one I used is called Deep Sleep with Medical Self-Hypnosis by Steven Gurgevich. I have a digital copy from Audible. I turn it on to chapter 3 and just let it play out when I need help. I used this for about 6 months before it started to reliably help me. Now it often only takes a few seconds to work. In fact, I seldom need to use it anymore. Now I have an app with ocean sounds and I usually go to sleep within a couple minutes of using it. I don't know whether this will help you or not, but there are not really any risks or side effects involved if you decide to try it. And who knows? Maybe it will help. Sweet dreams . . .
  7. cereus

    Impulsive Disorder/Pathologica Gambling

    @epaduareyes, you may want to post this question to Mark on the Ask the Pharmacist board or to Dr. Okun on the Ask the Doctor board (if you haven't already done so). Good luck!
  8. cereus

    medication and exercise

    And we really appreciate you!
  9. cereus

    medication and exercise

    I see! Sorry if I contributed to the confusion.
  10. cereus

    medication and exercise

    Thanks for all your help and advice, Mark. To clarify, I (Diana, aka Cereus) am the one who is taking ropinirole and who asked the original question. I think Noah was asking about how much extra Sinemet you take before exercise.
  11. cereus

    medication and exercise

    Thanks for the great tip, Mark. By the way, I am not taking Sinemet; I am taking ropinirole. Would this system work essentially the same way?
  12. cereus

    medication and exercise

    I know just what you mean!
  13. cereus

    medication and exercise

    Thanks so much Noah and Mark.
  14. cereus

    Pain in hip

    I am a newbie and am in early stages of both PD and low-dose medication. I have pain in the hip which is relieved during the window when the meds are working, so I attribute it to PD.
  15. cereus

    Weight loss

    Thank you for the question Jdroli091070 and thank you for the resource Dr. Okun.