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  1. zerohours000


    I’ve tried every kind of sleep agent. Nothing makes me drowsy. I can fall asleep ok these past few weeks but my biggest bugaboo is getting straight hours of sleep—like 6 would be the holy grail for me. I was working off 6 hours of sleep for the past 5 years or so anyways. I would routinely go to bed at 11/11:30 and wake up st 6-7 every morning. So it was my habit at that point. I haven’t needed 8 hours in a very long time. But March 4th, out of nowhere, I can no longer fall asleep, or sleep more than 4 hours at a time. For example, last night a passed out at 2:30am and then up at 6:30; up for half and hour and then woke up at 10:25 or so. So two disjointed sleeps of about 3.5 hours each. And of course bizarre, nonsensical dreams.
  2. zerohours000


    I had a sleep study done about a month or so again and it came back normal. No movement. Just fragmented sleep. I have no dx btw. But I suspect I have something neurological going on. Been a frustrating 5 months. Feel like I’m just waiting for new/worse symptoms.
  3. zerohours000


    How was the sleep itself? Mine is always fragmented. I go to sleep at 2:30am; up at 6:30am; sleep until 8:30; again until 10 or so.
  4. zerohours000


    I haven’t had an episode since. So maybe two total episodes in 5 months. Still... The crazy thing is, benzodiazepines don’t make me sleepy or even drowsy. I feel wired at night. Most sleep meds have no affect on me. Tried Rozarem and it did zilch; waste of $40. I smoked a little bit of a joint a few days ago and made me very drowsy. But can only take a tote or two otherwise my entire system goes haywire and thinks it’s under attack. Very bizarre considering I was a smoker for 10 years and had zero issues.
  5. zerohours000

    PD is not the end

    Great advice I got was “No one has perfect health. So stop expecting it.” Of course, adages or sayings are easier said than lived, but it was a good point. We just know averages at this point and the average person is “healthy.”
  6. Thanks. That was super informative. I think you’re right about those first two. Hopefully those two can improve quality of life. I guess I was thinking more of in the line of quality of life that has improve for those with HIV, for example. Different pathologies, I know, but I can’t think of anything similar. Would finding biomarkers be of any use in this situation? Thanks again, Zer0
  7. I hope you’re right. My coworker has PD. We just had coffee. I want nothing more than for him to get well. Great dude. He’s 69 and I like to turn to him for advice here and there. I have to agree about the Japanese research. When I read it it made total sense. If PD is a relatively boutique disease, to which broad medication only has variable results in respect to the variable progression —but progression nonetheless— it makes sense that an individuate approach would be a necessary outcome at the genetic/cellular level. I sort of figured that national healthcare systems would be first to implement this. After reading Dr Okun’s abstract on the future of PD disease, it is definitely headed towards pandemic levels, and unfortunately only states with national healthcare systems are prepared to handle it. Do you think, objectively, a cure is likely in your lifetime? Best, Zer0
  8. Not sure. I know its been said before, but the next 5-10 years of Parkinson’s therapy will be groundbreaking. In either direction. Either they’ll have breakthroughs or find out there are no breakthroughs : (
  9. zerohours000


    I see. I’ve just felt so off for 5 months. Never felt like this in my entire life. The vivid dreaming makes me think it’s PD. I’ve never had sleep like this before. Nor the twitching. Very confused. Thanks again for the reply.
  10. zerohours000


    Thanks for replying. I’m trying to get a MDM. Is there anything else it could be besides PD?
  11. As a species we have not yet begun to prioritize our needs accordingly. I have a hunch the pandemic will be addressed with resources by states and increased investment and man hours, but in order to compress this time frame, we have to first accelerate out of this totalizing society in the long-term and in the short-term fragment this totalizing by reducing hours of labor. I think this is crucial because the fostering of disease on a global scale is first environmental in my opinion, where a generic (artificial) environment like industrially developed societies are perfect laboratories for diseases to crop up and incubate on large scales. This has to be factored in to preventing onset as a goal imo. But it’s just food for thought really. Thanks for replying. Good luck on your book.
  12. https://smallcaps.com.au/living-cell-technologies-parkinsons-disease-treatment-efficacy-phase-ii-study “Over the past 2 years, NTCELL has undergone a phase 1/2a clinical trial for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease in New Zealand and has met the primary endpoint of safety whilst “halting the progression of the disease three years after implant”. Results from that trial were used to design the larger phase 2b trial which is still ongoing.”
  13. zerohours000

    33m. Worried of YOPD

    Thanks man. I will. I have appointments in two weeks. I’m going to try and avoid this forum until then. Zer0
  14. zerohours000

    33m. Worried of YOPD

    I get what you’re saying. But this has been intrusive on my life. Burning pain in my hands and limbs aren’t something I’m going to ignore. Nor insomnia or vivid dreams I’ve never once had in my entire life. My symptoms could obvious be their own individual things but nothing organic has been unearthed by my doctor team. I still do my day to day things. I work at an English Language Learning school. I play basketball and Mah Jong every day. Go for walks. I’m not doing nothing. But I was fine 5 months ago. I honestly didn’t have any health issues, was in shape, had two jobs, a social life, my hobbies. And in literally a few weeks I had a laundry list of symptoms and aggravations. I’m sure you get people all the time who come on here and are super worried because of some shakes or twitches. And if I had only those symptoms I wouldn’t be here. So I appreciate all the feedback and am listening intently. I want nothing more than this to be somatic or something as simple as a vitamin deficiency. Time will tell I suppose Best Zer0
  15. zerohours000

    33m. Worried of YOPD

    “Thank you, Mr. O****. I received the book you sent as well, which is much appreciated.I'm thinking something either rheumatologic or neuromuscular. I would like to hear what rheumatology thinks when you meet with them. If they do not provide insights I think we should try to better work up some of the fasciculations you are having with a neuromuscular specialist.” That’s from my PCP via my patient site. I get what you’re saying. But I’m not some rando who hasn’t already been to a slew of doctors. They agree something is off and either it hasn’t shown its face yet or is strictly speaking idiopathic. I’m always going to be diligent about my own health. If that conflicts with your community here, I apologize. I’m not here to upset anyone or clog up the message boards. My job for myself — and only myself — is to respectfully inquire and get information. I appreciate your input and will continue seek out my answers. Best, Zer0