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  1. Dystonia and early onset

    One recent paper said that a negative DAT scan is a potential predictor of a future positive DAT scan. Your course could certainly be young onset PD and you may want to seek a second opinion. Our 18004PDINFO helpline can assist in connecting you.
  2. Dementia Lewy Bodies

    We have a free 18004PDINFO helpline and that is something you or he could call.
  3. Dementia Lewy Bodies

    Thanks for the detailed message and question. In my clinic I have found drugs like exelon and aricept much more useful than Namenda. I add them one at a time and sometimes they can worsen the situation. I have for example seen the addition of Namenda be worse for patients. I would not hesitate to work through options with your doc. Hope that helps.
  4. Carbidopa alternative

    My pleasure.
  5. status of new drug

    Hi Noah, the current information I have that is public is that is has not passed the FDA for approval. We will keep our eyes on what is the publicly available data on this drug.
  6. Newly Diagnosed - Some Atypical Symptoms

    Our pleasure.
  7. No Sleep For The Weary

    Thanks for the comments. Is there a question we can help with?
  8. Carbidopa alternative

    Some people tolerate Sinemet CR a little better, and some also Rytary. Finally, mucuna is an alternative source of dopamine. Good luck.
  9. Severe pain, spasticity

    Thanks for the comment and we all hope and pray for you to improve. The pain as you describe it does not sound Parkinson related. If there was any chance it was Parkinson and could be treated with SInemet, some people try an extra dose or two of the Sinemet (so try 200mg or 300mg of SInemet per dose). Sometimes a higher dopamine amount per dose is helpful. For pain like you have we always recommend a neurologist to look at lumbar MRI and sometimes lumbar myelogram for something that may need surgery. We then refer to a board certified pain specialist. For any suicidal ideation we recommend patients go to the doctor's office or emergency room right away. Good luck with this and we are hoping you find an answer.
  10. exercise and off times

    Some people take an extra half or 1 tablet of 25/100 Sinemet before exercise to avoid this phenomenon.
  11. Eyesight Issues

    Adding lodosyn (carbidopa) or using the medication domperidone are useful for nausea (old school).
  12. Dear Dr. Okun,

    I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2011, about 2 yrs ago I started having these breathing attacks.

    I start hyperventiling when ever I take my meds. Sometimes these attacks last for over an hour of huffing and puffing .

    I shared with my Doc. about it but never stressed how serious they where. lately I have spoken to people who say they have never

    seen people with breathing attacks like I have .

    I go back to my Doc. in a couple of weeks wanted to shoot you a quick letter see if you might know what's happening.

    I take 3 pill's  every 2 hours 25/250 .

    Thank you very much


  13. rytary and sleep

    Technically there is no max dose but rarely does one take more than 3 tablets of the 25/100 per dose.
  14. Newly Diagnosed - Some Atypical Symptoms

    I am not sure about that symptoms. May be best to discuss with the neurologist. Maybe it is dystonia or dyskinesia.
  15. No Sleep For The Weary

    Correct. Usually no harm in melatonin, but in some cases it could worsen sleep.