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  1. i asked this in general forum, and didn't get a reply.  so, i am wondering if YOU have heard of anyone being prescribed methadone for pain mgt., or have prescribed it yourself.    my pharmacist said that people are going to this that have been on classic opiod's for a long time.......but they worked for me, and i hate that because they are being abused, that those of us on them are yanked off because of this national problem.  i want to know the difference between norco, and switching to methadone ( which i haven't started yet ).  my only experience with methadone is what i have read, and they were all on it for narcotics withdrawal and maintenance.  norco was a fairly good pain reliever bringing me up to tolerable, and now with a pain mgt. specialist i have been put on this.....   i want to know the difference and what to expect.  thank you, lu states