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  1. Dr. Okun

    Sinemet /Sinemet plus /Amantadine

    Can you send a specific question. I like amantadine for dyskinesia suppression.
  2. Dr. Okun

    sq pump

    The Duopa pump has a dopamine intestinal gel which is a gel form of dopamine replacement....
  3. Dr. Okun

    non tremor dominant

    Non-tremor dominant Parkinson patients can also have DBS. They need to have the full multidisciplinary evaluation. The recent studies just show that those with tremors may do a little better on average following DBS. Hope that helps.
  4. Dr. Okun

    What exactly can the DBS do?

  5. Dr. Okun

    dbs candidate

    900 mg a day and 300 per dose is considered a good trial for tremor. I always get a gastric emptying study to make sure meds are absorbing. I also confirm the diagnosis of Parkinson by exam and on/off UPDRS testing. Hope that helps. Tremor may be resistant to dopamine.
  6. Dr. Okun


    Generally we don't split the pill unless side effects at the higher doses. If no urinary infection or other cause and the symptoms continue to be worse we generally go up again on the dose by 12.5-25mg at bedtime. You may ask the doc about that option.
  7. Dr. Okun

    Sinemet /Sinemet plus /Amantadine

    Generally the trick is not the formulation but the dosing (right dose) and the interval (time between doses). Both have to be adjusted versus symptoms and also adjusted to avoid wearing off.
  8. Dr. Okun

    Levodopa induced dyskinesia

    It is hard to know but you need to titrate it to the right dose to see improvement. Purposely underdosing is not usually done by experts. Many people who try to underdose or not dose end up with the same issues from disease progression (fluctuations and dyskinesia).
  9. Dr. Okun

    dbs candidate

    Could be; if you have tried high doses of Sinemet (300mg per dose) then this is possible (DBS could help and often does for tremor).
  10. Dr. Okun


    Hard to say without an in person exam.
  11. Dr. Okun

    DBS Battery after 5 Years

    In general, no.
  12. Thanks for the great comment.
  13. Dr. Okun


    It may help you to call our 18004PDINFO.
  14. Dr. Okun

    Statins and PD

    It's possible but nothing is nailed down.
  15. Dr. Okun

    Weight loss /High Triglycerides

    My pleasure