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  1. Gautam

    Sharing Our Music

    Linda, All their songs were hits. I liked Boney M too! I liked Trinidad Lopez as well and Santana.. ☺
  2. Gautam

    Sharing Our Music

    Simon and Garfunkel Anne Murray Carpenters Whitney Houston Harry Belafonte ABBA "You Needed Me" / Bridge Over Troubled Waters / Seasons in the sun/ Top of the world.
  3. Gautam

    Anybody fall into the donut hole

    No Medical Insurance in India, so perpetually in the donut hole!!!
  4. Gautam

    Dead tired

    Take care Cita. We Parkies tend to over exert ourselves, after effects of which can be quite severe.
  5. Gautam


    Incontinence! A problem which affects most Parkies eventually. The solution is to use adult diapers or doing exercises to strengthen the lower abdominal muscles through yoga and Pranayam. I'm sure Tai-chi has some remedy as well!
  6. Gautam

    Concentration helps PD

    Yogic deep breathing exercises or Pranayam helps in improving concentration and controlling your emotions. Pranayam also increases the absorption of oxygen by10 - 15%.
  7. Gautam

    bowel problems.

    Hi, For getting rid of flatulence, I take an Ayurveda capsule called 'Pudinhara' manufactured and marketed by Dabur. It's basically mint leaf extract, deep green in colour and stops flatulence and aids digestion. Since it is purely green mint extract, with no other added chemical, its totally safe. Gautam
  8. Gautam

    New format

    LOL! This is how we old timers felt when the format was changed in 2007! Once you enter the NPF Homepage, scroll down to the Icon which says " Ask The Doctor" and you will see all the familiar topics and forum headings. All the best ????
  9. Gautam

    Nicotine Patch for PD.

    Hi Spaxter, Will reply in detail shortly! Till then, I attach what my SIL researched and sent me the following data. Regards Gautam "I am researching this. The Michael J Fox Foundation is sponsoring a clinical trial to investigate these promising findings. Here’s is what I am reading now with preliminary research: There is now robust experimental evidence for a neuroprotective effect of nicotine upon dopaminergic neurons. By contrast, in animal models of Parkinson's disease, nicotine alone has slight or no motor effects. However, nicotine may modulate dopamine transmission and has clear motor effects when associated with L-DOPA, reducing L-DOPA-induced dyskinesias. Clinical trials have yielded inconclusive results thus far and are hampered by different designs and small cohorts. Ongoing studies address either symptomatic motor or nonmotor symptoms, or neuroprotection. There is still no agreement on the daily dosage of nicotine or the method of administration. Together, these data suggest that nicotine or nicotinic receptor drugs have therapeutic potential for Parkinson's disease, although the specific treatment regimens remain to be determined."
  10. Gautam

    Nicotine Patch for PD.

    Hi, Read the attached blog, Sounds interesting. Has anybody tried this? Regards Gautam Nicotine patch for Parkinson’s Disease Here is some new hope for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. My husband has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for the past ten years. He is under PD drugs like Syndopa, Parkin and Ropark to manage his symptoms, and undergoes physiotherapy regularly. In spite of all this, his condition is gradually deteriorating. He needs help for all his daily activities like getting up from bed or chair, for taking bath, putting his glasses on, for eating, etc. Recently my daughter in USA came across an article in a PD patient forum about the nicotine patch and its benefits for patients with PD and dementia. Doing some more investigation, she found out that recent studies have shown benefits of nicotine to persons with Parkinson’s disease, without any side effects. Cigarettes contain nicotine but they also contain tar and it has been found that tar is the harmful substance that causes cancer while pure nicotine itself is not harmful. So nicotine patches are now available over the counter and are used by people who want to give up smoking. We decided to give nicotine patch a try as PD drugs that my husband was taking, only give temporary relief but have bad side effects like constipation, etc., and the disease itself was progressing. We were running out of options and it seemed that it wouldn’t hurt to try in any case. Nicotine patches are small patches about the size of a small mobile phone. We bought 14mg patches. Initially a quarter of a patch (3.5mg) can be used, as the body has to get used to a new drug in the system. It has to be stuck on the arm or some part of the body that is not hairy. It can remain for 18-24 hours and then it has to be replaced by another one but on a different place in the body. For example if we stick it on the left arm one day, it can be placed on the right arm next day. It has been suggested in the PD forums that the patch be removed at night as the patch may promote wakefulness. The dose can be very gradually increased over a period of several months for maximum benefit. The good news I have to report is that we have been trying this on my husband for the past two weeks and result is remarkable. He has more balance, able to walk longer distances, has more speech clarity and mental clarity. I would say there is all round improvement. This is the first time in all these years that there is actually an improvement in his condition, and that itself is very significant.
  11. Gautam

    New here. MIL is 12 years into diagnosis

    Hi Purplesonia and welcome to the Forum family! Since your MIL has been living with PD for 12 years, are you sure that she was not referred to an MDS by her local Neuro? Further, PD medications should not be started or stopped suddenly or abruptly as it can lead to disastrous consequences. It has to be tapered off over 3 to 4 weeks. Please do post the medications she is taking currently. Regards Gautam
  12. You don't need a match to light your cigarette after eating one of these!
  13. !2 stitches? Wow, that is a big cut. Take care my friend, relax and take it easy for a few days. Finish off all the beer you have stored in the fridge and let me know if you need more!!
  14. Mike, Sorry to read about your accident. Hope you are feeling better now! I had a bad fall too on Saturday...... slipped in the bathroom. luckily, I seem to have mastered the technique of going limp when falling, which helps in preventing any bone breakages or serious injury!!
  15. Gautam

    Bee Venom Acupuncture

    Although I haven't experienced bee sting therapy as yet, I have watched it being administered on an MS patient. Live bees were used and that didn’t appeal to me. Not very sure if it worked though!