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  1. Is it related that doing facial massage help you to lossen your facial muscles and relief from stiffness? Is it helpful for your slurred speech and face with smile? I understand doing facial massage is helpful for your speech clearly as you have lossen muscle. It takes times and you look different in public. Kindly clarify Regards' teo kim hoe
  2. cold hand and feet

  3. I have trouble to standup after seated on chair or on bed for quite time. kindly elaborate TEOKIMHOE
  4. Occasional loss of balance

    Parkinson's ,standing and seating I have problem standing up after seating on chair or bed for quite time kindly elaborate my medications zyprexa half 5mg,Arip MT10 half at lunch and night,stilnox10mg1tablet , Zolof 50mg 2at night regards teokimhoe
  5. Neupro Patch

    I could not standup from the chair if seated too long and also could not turn my body on bed Kindly elaborate? TEOKIMHOE
  6. cold hand and feet

    I refer to your heat and cold affecting our neruo function. I have experience a heat therapy affecting my muscle movement Kindly elaborate teokimhoe
  7. cold hand and feet

    Is it related that I have once recevied heat/sauna therapy massage affecting my nervous system and fainted? Kindly elaborate teokimhoe
  8. cold hand and feet

    I don't understand why parkison sufferers have cold hand and feet? Parkinson is a movement and non movement disorders. KIndly elaborate TEOKIMHOE
  9. requip

    I have large amount of saliva daily My medications; Sinemet 25/100 4 dosage daily requip PD 24 hour 6mg daily Stalevo 150/17.5/200 4 dosages I have cutdown the saliva fron drooling by stopping the requip taking Kindly elaborate TEOKIMHOE
  10. There are suggestion that Lip muscle,tongue muscle and swallow practice are benefical than the medication taking without sideeffect Kindly elaborted
  11. bipolar and parkinson

    my bipoar and parkinsons Arip 1omg 1/2 dose lunch, night Zoloft 50gm 1 at night Zydes 10mg 1/2 at night stilnox 10mg at night 1 dose 2 Besquil 0.5 mg three time a day morning,lunch and dinner Parkinson medication Requip 6mg 1 Stalevo 159/37.5/200 mg kindly advise
  12. shy dragger disease

    The shy dragger disease and shy dragger syndrome is a very rare disorder that greatly affects the control of the body’s automatic nervous system, which controls one’s blood pressure, vision bowel, heart rate and bladder functions. The Shy Drager disease has a lot many features are same as Parkinson’s disease like slowness, muscle rigidity and poor balance. The disease Shy Drager symptoms also include very low blood pressure, dizziness and feeling very lightheaded. However, some individuals also have very high blood pressure when lying down. As the disease moves forward and progresses, other symptoms like bladder incontinence, slurred speech, constipation, having difficulty in swallowing anything and also not able to control emotions are also visible. The Shy Drager disease normally occurs in people aged in the 50s and is more seen in men than women. The reason why the disorder develops is still not known but the brain scan shows generalized shrinkage of the brain which controls the automated nervous system of a human’s body. No cause has yet been found. The main difference between Shy dragger and Parkinson is the low blood pressure, which is the key to diagnosis. Sky Drager is treated with medications which would increase blood pressure and other anti Parkinson drugs is also used. Also other treatment includes pacemaker to control slow heart rate, incontinence care and feeding tubes. Majority of the individuals do not respond to drugs and the disease continues. A lot many people rapidly become disabled and have poor prognosis
  13. saliva

    I am taking 1 Sinemt 25/100, 6mg requip pd 24 hous and stalovo l tablet 150/37.5/200 daily I have saliva and speech Kindly advise
  14. bipolar,and Parkinson

    I am on bipolar medication for a year My medication ; one 1/2 tablets Arip at lunch,night daily one Zoloft 50mg at night daily 1/2 Zydis (olanzapine) nightly 1 Stilnox 10mg nightly 2 tablet 0.5 Besquil three times daily Parkinson medication 6mg requip pd 24 hours daily 1 tablet 25/100 daily 1 tablet Stalevo 150/37.5/200mg daily I do not have sleep trouble nightly but with anxiety, slurred and saliva during day time Kindly advice TEOKIMHOE