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  1. I'm unfamiliar with a glove to suppress hand tremor in Parkinson's Disease. Tell me more about the product and perhaps supply a video and I'll supply you any info I can.
  2. Your Dad may be fully content in his present state. I've become sedentary and it annoys me when well intentioned relatives and friends bug me to be more engaged and do stuff with them. As Genden noted above, rule out depression which is treatable. Having done that, let him decide what he'd like to do and don't feel guilty - sounds as if you are doing a great job.
  3. For all intents and purposes it's dead...and has been that way since Linda G. started passing off the chicanery of "Dr." Charles Stanley as the spoken word. If not quite dead yet then it's on life support. DaveN - Spoken like a true bible thumper - Every single one of the sentences in your most recent post is, demonstratively false, my friend. Those about me were also insulting. If you feel like preaching...why don't YOU go and start YOUR own blog/website. Or, we could just be friends and curtail opinions on which we'll never agree and discuss instead, the horror staring both of us in the face, PD. Roger
  4. Objection noted New Normal. This is a Parkinson's Disease forum for discussion of relevant issues. That board censors shut down Linda's bible thumping propensities was a welcome relief to us nonbelievers.
  5. I'm thinking that your pain is dystonia or related perhaps to arthritis (joint pain). Not certain my assumption is correct that dystonia, primarily, is in the soft or connective tissue between muscle and joint (ligaments?). That is where my pain seems to radiate from with all manner of clicks and audible snaps as well. Muscles that need to be working in unison stop doing so or do so only painfully. Usually worse in the afternoon and evenings and somewhat treatable by additional Sinemet. I shall be interested in hearing how your trials with methadone works out. As my neurologist points out to me, the pain may in fact be arthritis as I have the factor in my blood that I will, in time have arthritis. He recommends common aspirin or Tylenol, saving more powerful painkillers for later, if needed.
  6. There has been no discouragement of discussion relevant to Parkinson's disease. Health care and insurance is obviously relevant and, in my view, therefore, welcome.
  7. This thread had apparently concluded when its originator and chief proponent departed, for better or worse. Why rejuvenate it ?
  8. BillBRNC: Your repeated veiled allusions to committing suicide as a way to beat our diseases closing acts is something many of us have engaged in....making plans, obtaining the is a fair topic for discussion. Twenty-two years ago, as a newcomer, I sounded a lot like you. In a sense, these past 22 have been far more fulfilling than the 22 which preceded it. More later on these matters.
  9. I've heard that many PWPs horde Sinemet tablets as their disease progresses and pills seem to be essential to locomotion. I certainly did this before my neurologist came to what is now, I believe, the widely shared practice of allowing the rational patient as many as s/he needs. I was knocking back 17 to 20 before DBS. Post surgery I take three to five half tablets during waking hours. I just went into my stash and discovered a bottle of 25-250 - a configuration I don't believe is marketed in the U.S. any longer. The bottle does not say it is extended release. For the past two nights I've taken one before lying downand am quite pleased with the outcome.
  10. are correct. Sorry for my error.
  11. As many of us were aware, Linda was an acolyte of Dr. Charles Stanley, a televangelist, millionaire and to some, a huckster. I surmise that his recent exposure and the tabloid media's reporting of the dust up with his son has left our friend 'cooling her jets' at least for the meantime. I wish her well.
  12. I routinely take half a pill of 100/25 Sinemet upon arising and before heading downstairs for breakfast. On days when I am going to see my neurologist I don't take any Sinemet until I am about twenty minutes from his office so that he can observe me turning 'on'. Throughout the day I take half a pill of 25/100 as needed...about every four hours (roughly). I take a full pill of 200/50 L-dopa when I retire. Hope this helps.
  13. deleted by author.
  14. If I take one CR my sleep level deepens and I can remain asleep for 3 to 5 hours. I take very little Sinemet during the day, limiting myself to 3 to five half pills, depending on what the day demands of me. I find a doctor's advice on medication adjustments to be ill advised as I understand my body's reaction best of all. Experimentation is key and don't overdue it. Good luck to you BTW.
  15. Light weight mugs (with a handle). My favorite for ease of use is a plastic, insulated coffee mug that is about six inches tall with a wide enough base that knocking it over is less likely. More later on this excellent question. I've broken so many cups, saucers, coffee carafes, plates until folks have stopped making jokes about my clumsiness. A related problem is with dribbling liquid down the front of the shirt I'm wearing on a given day. A lite weight cup with a handle allows better control but to be safer still I put on a bib before meals. The virtues of a sufficiently large, well lit, French doored refrigerator with the freezer below (rather than on top of the unit) has saved numerous bottles of ketchup, bottles of soda/ beer and pyrex dishes. Most of my glassware I destroyed when hand washing it in the kitchen sink. A good trick there is to cut a piece of hardwood into a fifteen inch board and put in the bottom of the sink.. Resting expensive glassware on it as you soap, clean and rinse makes it less likely to slip from your grasp and shatter in the harder cast iron sink.