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  1. LindaRhea

    To our 'First-timers': WELCOME

    Oh, one more note. Amazon feels like Christmas and I'm thrilled that UPS delivers on Sunday! Find pleasure in tiny things.
  2. LindaRhea

    To our 'First-timers': WELCOME

    I am so sorry! I also know how you feel. My hubby stopped taking his pd medicine last week. He was an electrical engineer and now can't figure out the tv remote and can't use a smart phone. He still thinks he can do everything and thinks it's just me not allowing him to drive, etc. people tell me to hire help, but he sent the last two home early, before I could even get the grocery shopping done! I feel strange when I realize the my social life is at the grocery store!
  3. LindaRhea

    Broken Heart

    One of my relatives delights in telling me "this too shall pass" and I just want to scream "no it won't!" But I just keep my mouth shut and keep going.
  4. LindaRhea

    coconut oil

    Unrefined coconut oil smells and tastes more like coconut, too.
  5. LindaRhea

    This is so hard. Just needing support

    Elizabeth, add me to the list of friends who are willing to listen and really understand what you are going through. Some days I sit in the bathroom (the one place I can hide out) and sob until I can't breathe! Then I take a deep breath and go back to my life. My hubby still won't accept the PD diagnoses, so I have to dance around all of that too. He has all the problems, but also a big dose of denial. I can't cry to my outside friends, but before this forum I felt totally alone. I'm still scared, tired and overwhelmed, but at least I have this inner circle of support. Stay with us! We need you as much as you need us! Hang in there, lady. Linda
  6. LindaRhea


    You are so right, we can't win! My hubby is not on meds, has advanced stage PD, goes to bed around 1 a.m. And sleeps until 10 or 11 a.m. Makes for interesting schedules when breakfast is at lunch time!
  7. LindaRhea

    Crisp December--Silent night

    Peace in our hearts is the best wish! Thank you! I'm adding serenity to our stocking and hoping everyone gets a generous helping!
  8. LindaRhea

    Struggles and Thoughts of a Caregiver

    Count me in - now it's four to one! Linda G, you add a whole different perspective to our discussions, while showing that you understand a CG's side of the fence. Linda R
  9. LindaRhea

    Physical therapy and exercises

    My hubby can no longer walk for more than a couple of very slow, short steps. He tried to use a treadmill, if you can imagine, and the dead man switch was literally a life saver! As for the theracycle, yes, there is a dead man switch on it, but I make sure that I'm always nearby. The bike keeps his legs moving, even if it's slow. Other than once-a-week PT sessions, this is the only exercise he gets. He fibs to the therapists about his "homework" but that' s another part of advanced PD. Always something new.
  10. LindaRhea

    Struggles and Thoughts of a Caregiver

    Elle, Trying Hard and all of you on this forum, I hope by now you all feel the huge, warm hugs and abundant understanding that exists here. We all keep on doing what we need to do, but boy howdy does this forum make it more bearable! Linda
  11. LindaRhea

    Dealing with family

    My hubby is 75, has had PD for about 20 years, and still won't accept it. The garage is full of bikes, motorcycles, and sports equipment that he hasn't been able to use for about 10 years, but he won't even talk about getting rid of any of it! The other night I went grocery shopping (my only social outing) and it was raining when I came home. I had to unload all the groceries out in the driveway and got soaking wet. I tried to start a conversation by saying how nice it would be to get my car in the garage. He just looked at me as if I was ridiculous. He doesn't drive because I won't let him (even though he can't control his arms or legs and his reflexes are non existent). Planning ahead is impossible I've finally realized that I am caregiver and scapegoat! I can't reason with him because he isn't there anymore. I choose to stay with him, but sure isn't easy.
  12. LindaRhea

    Who your real friends are

    Wow! This is my first time reading this part of the forum, but I feel like I've always been one of you! I've cut ties with several friends because I found that I did nothing but complain when I was with them. I cut ties with two others because they did nothing but complain to ME and I felt bad enough all by myself. This forum is a life and sanity saver! Linda
  13. LindaRhea

    What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving

    I'm thankful for: Being able to read the wonderful lists you all have posted. Really made me stop and think. Being strong enough to continue doing what I need to do and having a very poor short-term memory. The support we all share! Soft, colorful yarn and the warm afghans it turns in to. Babies laughing
  14. LindaRhea

    Physical therapy and exercises

    My hubby has recently started using a forced exercise bike. When he can pedal, he does, but if he can't, the bike keeps his legs and arms moving. It's called the TheraCycle. 200 and works great for hubby. No, I'm not a sales rep for this item, just a pleased customer.
  15. LindaRhea

    Dealing with family

    Coacht, I am in the same place! My hubby is in almost complete denial. Breakfast will only take 15 minutes! Yeah, right more like at least an hour. He's going to fix everything - so I end up doing it. I can't tell him all the things I control, because he's still the boss! Companionship? Intimacy? What's that? In my world, Pollyanna ran away. I just keep reminding myself that this is a different phase of my life - one that I sure didn't expect, but it's what I have to deal with. If I could improve my sense of off-beat humor and laugh at more things it would be better, but I'm not there yet. Linda