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  1. klmdoc


    Thanks so much for the speedy response!! Here's what worked LAST night 800 last "regular" day's dose (went to sleep immediately) 1000 (awakened by caregiver to take 3.75 mg tranxene/back to sleep immediately 1230 (awakened by stiff/tingling legs; took flexeril 5mg which calmed legs and allowed return to sleep in recliner) 200 took 1/2 sinemet and returned to bed -- slept immediately and until 5:30 am Although fragmented, that's the most sleep I've had in DAYS. If this gives you any more insight into where to put the Requip, or anything else, I'd love to know. Take care! Linda
  2. klmdoc


    Man, would that be the miracle of all miracles!! I sure hope you're right! One clarification, please : I assume it's safe to simply add in the 4TH dose without titration (right?) -- so when would be the best time to add it into this schedule One R + 2 Sinemet @ 8, 2pm, 8pm ; plus two Sinemet @ 11am and 5 pm. Should I simply add 1 mg it to the 5 pm dose? Or add .50 mg to the 11am and 5pm doses such that every dose would contain some Requip? OR should I take it alone around midnight or thereabouts when I always wake up to turn over? Please advise! I can't wait to check this out, but I want to do it right. You're a national treasure! Thank you so much for your help! Linda
  3. klmdoc


    Hi Dr - I've been through "hell and half of GA" with a movement specialist that my regular neuro wanted me to see, so I'm back to square one. Short version: I agreed to try extended C/L and ended up with NO IMPROVEMENT + the first "freezing" episode ever -- It seemed to result from sinemet overload. i was told that I could split the CR Sinemet but although that gave me longer sleep times, I think it wreaked havoc with my previously-stable day schedule. In fact, other than a few "failed" doses (never kick in) my day schedule is almost back to normal. I've also found that taking 1/2 of an IR Sinemet twice during the night gives me at least 6 and often 8 hours' sleep, albeit in "chunks" (but it's ok because I return to sleep nearly immediately. My first question to you now is this: I used to take four 1-mg Requip per day and slept sufficiently. Now I take only 3, but since I've had so much trouble and since that was a stable regimen, I don't want to rock the whole boat yet. WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN IF I TOOK A REQUP XL just at my last dose of the day? Or better still, could I first try adding back a 4th requip and see what happened? The easy thing would be to sub the XL for the IR @ last dose -- but would there be a titration issue or other complications? Good to be back and to have you back after surgery! Thanks, Linda
  4. klmdoc

    Laxatives and Sinemet interaction

    HI DR COMES, What if you eat dinner then take the Ducolax in + 30 min and the PD meds 30 minutes after that?
  5. klmdoc

    Reduced Sinemet & Increased Problems

    Hello Doctor; I hope you are well. It was a pleasure meeting you at your clinic roughly a year ago, and your "permission" to take 25/100 IR tabs in halves to "boost" doses and/or to cover emergencies has helped immensely. Thank you. My question: My "therapeutic" dose of CL seems to be 11-12 tabs a day: 10.5 of these are scheduled, with the remnants being PRN. NO signs of dyskinesias although I do need 1-2 half tabs during the night to avoid excruciating leg pain. Intervals between doses vary and LENGTHEN with each subsequent d0se -- SO WHEN AND HOW WILL I KNOW THAT I'M AT and/or APPROACHING "SINEMET SATURATION" (my term for the max dose I can tolerate)?
  6. klmdoc

    Rytary conversion

    The same thing happened to me (almost). I was started at three "195" capsules TID (at 8/1/6). I truly felt as if my head were coming off, and I haven't been able to sleep much at all ever since. (Could these be related events, Dr?). After taking the first dose, I was giddy and "high" for a couple hours then crashed into a Zombie-like state for the next 12 hours. OFF TIMES were far more intense than normal. Wouldn't be surprised if 5-10 years from now, we start seeing some ugly long-term side effects. It may be C-L based,, but I thing RYTARY is dangerous.
  7. klmdoc


    Hi Dr Comes - sorry for the delayed answer but I have been sans computer for over a week! First, please feel free to call me LINDA and thanks for asking!! I'm a Ph.D. (communication psychologist), hence the "doc" handle. Sorry about that. I have 2 questions. I cannot locate the final schedule you came up with for me; would it be too much trouble to copy and paste it into a new reply? Also, I'm having severe insomnia due to NEUROPATHY (tingling & burning in my legs & feet) at night when I am otherwise mostly OFF. As you know my carbidopa load is 25 ms X 12 tabs = 300 mg and I've taken Sinemet for about 10 years. Please suggest what I should do (besides see my neuro). THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I HOPE YOUR OPERATION IS A RESOUNDING SUCCESS!! Linda
  8. klmdoc


    Quick question; Did you want me to take the Requip later on the first dose only, or on all three? I take 5 Sinemet doses and add 1 mg Sinemet to doses 1, 3 & 5.
  9. klmdoc


    Yes, thanks to Noah and to you, Dr. Comes, as well. I know that all of us in your forum wish you all the best and quick healing for your surgery! Please do keep us updated! And Noah, while I'm so sorry that you, too, feel the frustration of this insane quest to make PD meds "work right," (because they never fully do), thank you for posting because it helps to know that I'm not the only person who is going off the rails with what seem should be such an easy thing to fix! I've tried EVERYTHING to keep my 8am-11am interval ON (like all the others do the rest of the day) but I've struggled with this issue for two years (out of the 18 since my dx), so I decided yesterday that I was just going to live with it and the devil take the hindmost! I'm exhausted trying to keep charts and variables and such like. You could paper the National Portrait Gallery with my Excel spreadsheets! Thanks again, all.
  10. klmdoc

    Taking Sinemet without water

    How does stomach acid affect absorption of SInemet? Specifically, how might my gall bladder removal have affected ANYTHING re my Sinemet doses? MANY THANKS FOR YOUR WONDERFUL SERVICE HERE!
  11. klmdoc

    sinemet and benzo drugs schedule

    Can I take REQUIP with tranxene and not diminish the Requip's effects? Same question with RequiP & FOOD ? (taking the R prior to swallowing any food) The REQ strength is 1 mg (TID) and you told me to take my R an hour after taking my Sinemet. As a reminder I take two 25/100 S's at 8, 11, 2, 5 & 8 and REQ at 8-2-8 which you said to move to 9-3-9. So you can see the tranx issue right away (I hope). That said, I did move my first R just to 830 as a trial today and it seemed to help a lot. I think you're a genius at this! Thank you so much for your fast responses!!
  12. klmdoc


    I am so sorry for the confusion! 700 am = 25 mgc levothyroxine 800 am = two tabs 25/100 Sinemet + 1 mg Requip 930 = (OFF period where NOTHING works! a half tab sinemet is too much; no tab and I'm OFF by 945!) 1100am = two tabs 25/100 Sinemet 1200/1230 = scant or no protein lunch 200 = same as 800 am 500 = same as 1100 am 800 = same as 800 am & 200 pm 1000 = doc added 3 mg melatonin PROBLEM: I take one 3.75 mg for anxiety (sorely needed but can't seem to schedule effectively around the above) + 1 5mg flexeril that i usually take around 4pm You answered a later post with good suggestions for timing but you didn't have my PD med schedule clear at that time so maybe this will help. The melatonin helps me sleep but after going to sleep between 930-1000, I wake up about 130-230 and take one benadryl 25 mg + my 3rd tranxene. Then I sleep until 5-6 am. I've tried taking a half sinemet instead, but the B/T combo seems to work better. So I'm working with a 24-hour schedule instead of 12. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR HELP.
  13. Dr Comes please help! I can't make my schedule work and now am sleep-deprived. Can't seem to get the tranxene taken at the right times! Current PD meds/schedule: SYNTHROID 7AM THEN ... 800am, 200 pm, 800pm = 1 mg requip + two 25/100 sinemet 11am + 200 pm = 2 sinemet am only sleeping 4 hrs max 900pm -100/130am PLEASE HELP - WHERE DO I PUT TRANXENE 3.75 MG TID ??
  14. Dr Comes please help! I can't make my schedule work and now am sleep-deprived. Can't seem to get the tranxene taken at the right times! Current PD meds/schedule: 800am
  15. klmdoc

    Differences in c/l by brand

    Dr Comes, Would it be permissible for you to tell me which generic sinemet you see the fewest complaints about and that you see the most complaints about? Also, my CVS says that they can order any brand generic that I want but that they typically carry TEVA. ??? I thought TEVA had been sold to another company (????) Bottom line is that I'm going on Medicare in July and must find a generic. I started taking generics about 9 years ago when I started C/L but had to switch to brand labels because of prohibitive costs. Can you make any suggestions as to what I might try first? I've also heard that the doc can write Medicare and ask for label approval -- but if granted, do you know how much it would cost?? Thanks for any help/advice that might help! And thank you once again for all that you do.