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Found 3 results

  1. Hope everyone is doing well. Well, I was expecting this and it happened... I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. My MRI was clear, but the Neuro said he expected that. He just wanted to rule out stroke, tumor, etc. He diagnosed me with Parkinson's, upped my Requip to 2mg per day with Extended Release tablet, and referred me for physical therapy for 3 times per week for 1 month. My pharmacy said the insurance company has to approve the XR tablet, and I have not obtained that approval yet. I also attended my first yUHr Move class at the local Hospital Healthplex. This class is Tuesdays & Thursdays and is provided FREE courtesy of Movers & Shakers Against Parkinson's of my County. It is for anyone with a movement disorder. So glad to have this class available to me. I begin my first physical therapy session tomorrow at the same Healthplex, and will be seeing the same therapist that normally does the free class. Since I have only 30 PT sessions per year, I was thinking about maybe asking the therapist if the two free classes are similar to PT. If yes, could possibly do one PT session per week (and the two free classes) to extend the sessions to 7 months instead of 4 weeks. I am also doing Silver Sneakers fitness classes M-W-F and Aqua Fit T-Th afternoons at the YMCA. I plan to do the free classes in the morning on T-Th and Aqua in the afternoon. Busy schedule!!! I just started Ashwagandha as well. Who is taking it and what is your optimal dose? I see anywhere from 450mg to 6,000mg per day... very wide range! Hope everyone has a great day! Dayna
  2. PatriotM

    Roll Back the Disease

    I've discovered that the "Delay the Disease" program is misnamed. It should be called "Roll Back the Disease". The reason I say that is the class is not helping people to delay their disease, but rather to roll back their disease to an earlier time. For example, at my last class, the instructor was teaching people who get "stuck" to unstick themselves. At every class, they work on IMPROVING balance, not postponing balance getting worse. I'm sure that the other similar PD exercise programs do the same thing. PD doesn't have to be about always getting worse. You CAN get better!
  3. jrousos@embarqmail.com

    Hallucinations after Fall

    Good Evening, Last week my Dad had a bad fall and broke his humerous in four places. He has Parkinson's Disease (12 years now) and Post Polio. Walks with ortho boots and a walker. In any case as a result of the fall, he had to have a blood tranfusion, (actually 4 bags to be exact), so his hemoglobin was better and he was released to in house Rehab. He's having hallucinations (which he had before) and the Dr. had just started him on Seroquel. My question, how much time does Seroquel take to start working? His regimine is as follows: 8:00 am- 2 Wellbutrin buPROpion Hydrochlorine 75mg ; 1 Namenda 5mg; 1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100 12:00 noon- 1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100 400pm-1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100 800pm- 2 buPROpion Hydrochlorine 75mg ; 1 Namenda 5mg; 1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100; 1 Lipitor 10mg ; 1 81mg aspirine.