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Found 3 results

  1. My very first symptoms of PD were my toes on my left foot curling under it was annoying then and it's even more annoying now . I've been going to my MDS for Botox shots once a quarter . She's only actually hit the muscle once. I could feel the Botox going in like heat running down my leg or like Anastasia goes into your body before surgery . I had excellent results that one time and my toes literally didn't curl for the entire quarter. The other three times I had moderate to no results at all. Botox shots are very expensive and it is hugely disappointing when it doesn't work. I also take 1 Valium pill at bedtime to relax my muscles. This works on ny toes When the Botox does not what I'm wondering is what do other people do for dystonia and toe curling? Does your MDS give you the Botox shots or does the podiatrist or somebody else ? Should I just switch the valium entirely has anyone tried that ? Help!
  2. My mother has had PD for 2 years and gets Botox injections in her neck every three months. The botox is very helpful in controlling her head movements, but she sleeps only a few hours a night. She has noticed that she sleeps better as the Botox wears off. Can Botox affect your ability to sleep or could this just be a possible coincidence? Thank you.
  3. My friend with Parkinsons is seeing his urologist Thursday to consider botox treatment for urinary urgency and sometime lack of control when sudden urgency hits. We would like to know if there is any comment on the success of this treatment on a Parkinsons patient. His urologist does not seem to have any experience or opinion on P as a factor. Thankyou