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Found 7 results

  1. I just got a DAT scan. I have a good idea of results. I just wanted to see what you thought. https://goo.gl/photos/wp3MfeKFWobqyfn78
  2. lilou

    Evolution of the disease

    Dr Okun, Is there a way to follow the evolution of Parkinson's disease, especially the neuronal loss? Would you see a difference on a Dat scan? Thank you.
  3. adams234

    DAT Scan and EEG

    Saw an MDS for the first time. They ordered a DAT Scan and an EEG. I was wondering if people can give me an idea of what I am in for. I have read up on DAT Scans but was wondering what others have experienced. Neve had an EEG or know about them. Thanks for any stories. Blessings Adam
  4. Hi, I recently had a DAT scan done and the result came back. I must admit I have tried to understand it and read it, however I am lost. Do the areas of the caudate nuclei and the putman determine if one has parkinsons? Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Hello Doctor, I've got a very confusing situation going on and need your help to decide what I should do next. Approx. 2 years ago I noticed tremors in my left hand (fore finger, middle finger and thumb) at rest, not noticeable when the hand is in use. Well, my PCP sent me to a movement specialist and I was diagnosed with PD at 80% certain tee . The DAT scan test became available and the movement specialist set me up to confirm PD. A week before my test the MS called me and said he was canceling the test, when I asked why he said that it was not giving him any new information that would help me. My Endocrinologist suggested I get a second opinion because of the seriousness of the diagnosis, so I agreed. Well, the new Neurologist estimate of my condition being PD was at 20%. As you can see, two very different ranges on the PD diagnosis. The new Neurologist agreed to the DAT Scan and I just had my follow up visit to discuss the test 3 days ago. He let me look at the scan on his computer very briefly and said it looks fine, checked me again for balance and eye movements and said "you're doing fine, you don't have PD" shook my hand and left me hanging. He didn't even show me the radiologists report. I obtained the scan and report today and was shocked when I read it. Something like.....mild decreased uptake in the posterior-superior aspect of the left putamen, suggesting possible early changes of Parkinsons-type syndrome..... See my dilemma? What should I do? Thank you! Background: Left hand finger tremors Balance issues- all common medical conditions contributing to balance issues have been ruled out. Extreme fatigue in the afternoon. Recent discovery of irregular eye movements requiring glasses with prism. Sleep study revealed periodic leg movements and restless leg- currently on Mirapex for these conditions. Depression Anxiety Insomnia reduced memory issues Very sore neck muscles, aches pains.