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Found 6 results

  1. jul

    delaying meds

    Hello - While medications for PD can alleviate symptoms and increase quality of life, the medications often have side effects. My inclination is to delay medication as long as reasonably possible - I am wary of medications in general. Also, I read that Levodopa loses it effectiveness - that's scary. But i read elsewhere that's a myth! Right now, my symptoms are mild, but my neurologist said he will put me on the dopamine agonist Requip when the time comes. Should I jump on the medications bandwagon sooner for quality of life, or follow my instincts and delay? Are there any reasons at all to delay medications once the PD symptoms are stronger? I like exercise - I'm willing to try and control my symptoms with lots of walking and biking and more. I appreciate any insights whatsoever on these weighty decisions!! Jul
  2. I was 41 when I developed a slight tremor in my left baby finger. I was already loosing dopamine up to 10 years earlier. I managed to work full time, take care of my husband and twin sons, grow a large vegetable garden, hike the trails in the Smokey mountains on weekends, and have lots of family visit and cook for large parties. For at least 10 years I did not feel much different. But it started to become difficult every year. When my husband of 35 years died of sudden heart attack, I was so lonely. I cried in my pillow for 6 months and went nowhere. To add to this , my twin sons now 34, who live close and I see almost everyday, will not talk to me anymore when there Dad died. We were always so close, I am devastated by this. My 41 yr old brother John died 4 months after my husband. My Mom dies 2 months after her son John died. All were untimely deaths. I was close to all and spoke or saw my Mom daily. She was my 911 Mom. It has been almost 3 years now, my sons wont talk, despite all the effort I give. MY Parkinson's has spirerolled out of control. I have not seen a neurologist in 2 years. I take 24 tabs a day of 25/100 carb/levo and 8 200mg of entacapone daily. It last only 2 hours and I tremor so violently, my breathing becomes irregular, and my arms are flailing. I am rigid and stiff and in pain. I try to wait out 2 more hours, but can barely make 3. And then it takes 45 minutes for meds to start working. I am so relieved when I get some dopamine in the brain. I do not take any other medication. I am strong, try to stay busy, and not feel sorry for self. But if there was a door I could open and be on he other side I would. It is just my time, I am ready, a fact of life. My grandmother had PD, but died in surgery. Her son David, my uncle had PD and died from complications of PD. I worked in the tobacco fields when I was 14, They would spray over us in the fields and I had nicotine covering my arms all day. I used seven dust and grew up in a factory town, where the water glowed and oozed from chemical from factories. I just need to hear your stories now, please share with all. It does help, because this disease is unexplainable to the normal person. Thank you for reading, Chris Ledford
  3. Hello. I was diagnosed about two months ago but believe to have had Parkinson's disease for about five years. My defining symptom evidently is the pill rolling tremor that never stops unless I'm a sleep now. I have had severe back pain in my upper and lower back for several years. It sometimes goes down one leg or the other. Sometimes it is a twisting pain And my back locks up. My neuro says that this severe pain is not from the Parkinson's And that I must have fibromyalgia as well. My question is if you had a lot of pain before starting meds for Parkinson's did those meds help with the pain?
  4. Donna Needham

    Dumping Syndrome 2

    Sorry? In my question about a better diet for Dumping Syndrome I neglected to mention that the patient does not take any Parkinson's medications. His only medications are Celexa, Ranitidine, Flomax and Proscar.
  5. I am a 66 year old man diagnosed with tremor-dominant PD almost 1 year ago. I do not have access to a motion disorder specialist. My neurologist first had me on Sinemet CR without much effect. Recently I switched to regular Sinemet 25/100--2 tabs, 3x/day, and my tremor is significantly reduced (and I have no dyskinesias). I also received an Rx to try adding Amantadine in a couple of weeks. I wonder if I should ask to try a dopamine agonist (either as monotherapy or as an add on to Sinemet). Are there any advantages to an agonist over levodopa? Is one better than the other for controling tremor? Also, what are your thoughts about Amantadine?
  6. I am a 66 year old man diagnosed with tremor dominant PD. For the past few weeks, I have been taking Sinemet 25/100 2 tabs, 3x/day. So far, the medication does not seem to be effective in controlling my tremor, but it has helped lessen my distonia. My distonia consists of toe cramping that occurs whenever I am cycling (and only when cycling). My questions are: 1) Can Sinemet be taken on an add needed basis--only on days when I will be cycling? 2) If Sinemet is not effective on my tremor, would dopamine agonists be unlikely to help? Would a non-dopaminergic med such as Amantadine be worth a try?