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Found 2 results

  1. Recently my Dr mentioned a new group they were thinking of forming to deal with anxiety, depression, etc, based on a “new” therapy that was proving effective with a low level of recidivism. It’s called Mindfulness, based on Taoism philosophic principles. She thought with my taking tai chi and my interest in psychology etc that I might be helpful in the group. I told her that I already use one of the techniques – observing my flow of thoughts and feelings without identifying with them. I consider my life-long interest in psychology and health to be helpful in living with PD, as it’s provides me insight into both – and first-hand experience of the relation between mind and body. After thinking about Mindfulness relating to PD and sickness in general I thought it could be very helpful - but I can only see it being helpful to people who believe that there is more to life than meets the eye -- whether it be religion, philosophy, cosmic forces or whatever. For without this belief I can’t see how or why anyone would derive satisfactory meaning (or reason) from observing their negative and painful experience of anything..... Since my Dr mentioned it I have noticed more articles on mindfulness...
  2. RNwithPD

    Mental Health Care

    I hope that everyone else is finding better mental health care that what I have found in my area. I have tried a couple different places/doctors, but have been very disappointed. My neurologist and I agreed that it would be a good idea to see a psychiatrist to see if they could figure out if perhaps some of my fatigue might be related to depression, and also to help me develop some better coping mechanisms for stress, etc. My understanding was that they would talk with me about my issues and help me to work through them. Instead, they spend one hour getting a quick synopsis of my entire life (actually, about 35 minutes after allowing for them talking), determine which DSM-IV category I fit into, and then send me out the door with a prescription and a 30-minute follow-up in 3 months. That's a pretty good trick! He learned enough about me to diagnose me in 35 minutes. That's kind of like the "guess your weight" guy at the circus! The last psychiatrist I saw was supposed to be the best in this area. According to him, based on the MJF Parkinson's Rating Scale, I really don't have PD. And even if I do, Michael Fox is still working after all of these years so I have nothing to worry about. Seriously! We spent probably 20 minutes just talking about Michael J Fox because he kept bringing it up. "You're depressed and anxious because you have PD. But you don't really have anything to worry about...just look at Michael J Fox! Here's a prescription for a powerful, mind-altering drug. Take this every day and we'll see you back in 90 days. That'll be $150.00. NEXT!!!" My neurosurgeon questioned me about my diagnosis like she didn't really believe it. "How did you get PD?" (Her way of asking whether it was genetic or idiopathic.) "Oh...is it because of that little bit of resting tremor you have?" (Asked while I was fully medicated. And shouldn't a "neuro"surgeon know that 20-30% of PD patients don't even have a tremor???) The psychologist that performed my cognitive testing last week didn't really believe it, either. "Well, you look fine. It must just be a minor case." Uhhh...yeah. I am just SO FREAKING TIRED of dealing with ignorant, highly-educated people!!! That was cathartic. I feel better now. Kevin