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Found 7 results

  1. Quietstill

    Tumeric and other supplements

    Hi everyone, I ran across this article this morning and thought it was important short reading. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/11/magazine/he-was-on-blood-thinners-and-supplements-could-he-still-have-had-a-stroke.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fmagazine&action=click&contentCollection=magazine&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=39&pgtype=sectionfront Basically it is ONE (and only one) cautionary tale of unconfirmed harm by supplements. We all love the idea of 'natural' remedies, and I actively seek out information on trace elements. I am a firm believer in Tumeric, we have a curried dish at least once a week with black pepper to activate the curcumin within the tumeric. I resist taking supplements, because trace elements are just that: traces of essential elements. Pills give you a lot, and very quickly. The story points out that most curcumin pills have between 1,000 to 2,000 mgs of curcumin, whereas 1 tsp of tumeric only has 50mg of curcumin within it. I will continue to serve curry often, but thought the article was a good example of a little may be very good for you, but immoderation can be a crap shoot. Supplements are not regulated, so you never really know what the effects of massive doses might be. About 3 years ago one study was done on the effects of rosemary (rosemary for remembrance) among elderly. They found that 1 tsp of rosemary a week seemed to make people mentally sharper, but eating more than 3 TBsp a day actually hurt mental acuity. Besides, it tasted bad at that level. So that was a warning to me; if it tastes bad, it's probably bad for you. I can't imagine eating a curry made with 200 tsp of tumeric. Yuk.
  2. noah

    sleeping trouble

    I am still having trouble falling asleep. As I have mentioned before I saw a sleep doctor who suggested that i was spending too much time in bed and i needed to stay up later which i cant I b/c i am off. i have not been able to find a regime that will keep me on long enough to retrain my brain while at the same time not keeping me up too late.(so many of the pills have a side effect of insomonia) So as a result I am still laying there trying to sleep. i am concerned about getting up and wandering around at night for fear of falling. I am currently taking 2.5 mg melatonin and .50 ml of valderian Have you ever heard of nocturest? I was wondering if the additional herbs would be helpful Thank you for always taking the time for us!!
  3. PLEASE HELP ME ORGANIZE!!I KNOW OUR BODIES RESPOND BETTER TO ROUTINE. I take: - C/L (25-100), 10 xs per day - vitamin calcium + D3, & C - tsp per day coconut oil - Just starting Zandopa in hopes I can back down on the C/L!!. - .5 XANAX 1 TO 3 TIMES PER DAY When the meds work I feel 100% normal....but IF I EAT ANYTHING, ANYTIME....SYMPTOMS APPEAR!! I AM AFRAID OF FOOD! I exercise lightly, do all my own daily everything...including house work.. and tutor (THANK YOU LORD)! I am also trying to decide best way to improve breathing, & meditation. I BARELY BREATHE.! There are just too many choices of routines...I want ONE that works and is step by step info. Oh..... I take .5 Xanax as needed for panic attacks or just plain fearful feelings. Also very stressful personal life. P>S> I need to stay the best I can be all afternoon to tutor.... GOD BLESS and thank you!
  4. I am a pwp diagnosed 3 years ago at the age of 37. At first I accepted the diagnosis and figured no big deal not realizing that PD is a lot more than tremors. Now that my quality of life has been greatly impacted, I've decided it's not enough to take pills to alleviate symptoms but I need to take a more aggressive approach to finding ways to heal and repair my body. I've done a bit of research but I need some feedback from my fellow pwp. If any of you that have tried alternative/natural treatment options would please take a few minutes to answer a 10-question survey regarding these methods, it would be a great help. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SCGNGLR I would be more than happy to share the results. Also feel free to share the survey link. Thanks in advance and be well.
  5. Hi, We would greatly appreciate your input on a treatment plan that another member has posted relating to treatments; the plan is entirely holistic (composed of of supplements, vitamins, etc). The member has self-reported great success with this plan. It does beg a few questions: 1) Are any of these supplements inherently dangerous, either in isolation or in combination. Of course, the efficacy of any supplement are based on individual circumstances, but are there common risks that should be discussed? 2) Are any of these supplements extraneous or redundant 3) Is there a titration protocol that should be added to this plan? 3) Is there a foundation for these supplements having the benefits described? Here is the link to the string in our "Young Onset" unmoderated forum. http://forum.parkinson.org/index.php?/topic/17676-for-me-pd-became-a-choice-maybe-it-is-for-you-too/%C2'> For convenience, I have extracted the plan of supplements below. Thanks so much for your input. Clinoptilolite Recommendation: Take two tablespoons at bedtime, at least one hour after any supplements or medications have been taken. Do this on for one month and then off for one month. Continue this cycle. Coenzyme Q10 Recommendation: 800mg at morning, 400mg at lunch, 400mg at evening, and 400mg at bedtime. (adjust slowly if it upsets stomach) Reishi Recommendation: 540mg at morning, 540mg at lunch, and 540mg at evening B Vitamins (Lypo-Spheric - Fully Active) Recommendation: Take 1 packet at morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat for 15 minutes Glutathione (GSH) (Lypo-Spheric) Recommendation: Take 1 packet at morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat for 15 minutes Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) (Lypo-Spheric) Recommendation: Take 1 packet at morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat for 15 minutes Vitamin C (Lypo-Spheric) Recommendation: Take 1 packet at morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat for 15 minutes NAC Recommendation: 600mg at lunch, and 600mg at bedtime L-Tyrosine Recommendation: 500mg at lunch, 500mg at evening and 500mg at bedtime Vitamin D3 Recommendation: 5000iu at morning Astaxanthin Recommendation: 4mg at morning, 4mg at lunch, 4mg at evening and 4mg at bedtime Omega 3 Recommendation: 500 EPA/250 DHA, morning, noon, evening, and bedtime Chaga (Dihydroxybenzalacetone) Recommendation: 350mg at morning, 350mg at evening and 350mg at bedtime Horse Chestnut (Triterpenoids) Recommendation: 350mg at lunch, and 350mg at bedtime Green Tea (GTPs) Recommendation: 400mg at evening Resveratrol Recommendation: 200mg at lunch, and 200mg at bedtime Amino Acids (Complete Complex) Recommendation: 4 capsules at morning, 4 capsules at evening Iron (Gentle Iron Recommended) Recommendation: 25mg at bedtime L-Carnosine Recommendation: 500mg at morning, 500mg at lunch, and 500mg at evening L-Carnitine Recommendation: 500mg at lunch PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone): Recommendation: 20mg at evening Curcumin: Recommendation: 630mg at lunch 5 HTP: Recommendation: 200mg before bedtime MK-7; VItamin K-2: Recommendation: 100 mcg at breakfast Probiotic: Recommendation: 1 capsule before bedtime Caffeine: Recommendation: 200mg to 400mg per day, preferably not after 3pm and not in the form of sugary drinks. Increase dosage slowly. DHEA (7-Keto): Recommendation: 100mg at morning (male) 25mg at morning (female) Multi-Mineral Support: Recommendation: 4 capsules at morning, and 4 capsules at bedtime High Quality Multi-Vitamin Support: Recommendation: 1 dosage at morning
  6. Danti1968

    Going the natural route

    My PD was just confirmed by my neurologist within the last couple of weeks. I had been having noticeable symptoms for at least the last 6 months. I'm fairly young (45) and I've been doing extensive research on PD drugs. The side effects all seem pretty scary to me especially since I have a long way to go in dealing with this disease. I decided to do a 180 with my lifestyle and have started exercising regularly, eating better, and have also added supplements. Especially after I added the supplements my symptoms improved quite a bit. I'm taking B6, Vitamin E, and L-Phenylalanie. I've been so consumed with researching PD I've found there seems to be so many potential new drugs and treatments that seem to be right around the corner. Anything I can do to slow down the progression I am trying. Time is obviously not my friend but my thought is to tough it out for as long as I can without the PD drugs. I would love to hear your opinions and experiences and also from people who have tried a similar route. Thank you
  7. My wife and I road RAGBRAI, 475 miles, over 7 days, across Iowa, in 2010. We trained 1,000 miles in preparation. We will ride but have continued problems with nutritional preparation and during-exercise nutrition to support sinemet without taking it more frequent than "off bike". I have numerous questions. Likely there are topic threads that address some or each of these questions. 1. What is best breakfast that won't interfere with Sinemet updates. We couldn't find one, so I would eat oatmeal or buckwheat (longer acting) but the protein's in both impact Sinemet up take. Riding for hours without food support was the only option. Not smart. Following on this without creating a new question was we never found what to eat (outside of fruit and pies) on the 6 hours of riding what wouldn't cause either a) slower uptake or shorter duration. Any suggestions? 2. I can't find anything on impact of Sinemet (S) on adreneline, or more specifically, ability to increase heart rate. When my wife takes it and it is "on-board" she can pedal smoothly and with power, getting her HR up and breathing deeply and faster. If S has not kicked in, even though I keep pedaling fast, she can't get her HR up. I'm doing more work. 3. I've can't find anything about endurance exercise and how it may rob the body of normal duration time, use up, sinemet. One article claimed this was not so. Have there been studies? Sports drinks seem to worsen the duration not help it. Perhaps those with whey? 4. Are there any vegan protein sources with an amino acid profile that doesn't complete with S but sustain the body? I read earlier about tyrosine and 5-HTP supplementation. 5. What did work was taking S religiously on schedule and not wait for drop off as "on-bike" waiting for it to kick in impacted me as I picked up more of the effort. While this worked, she was dosing more fequently than when not on the bike. Of late we have tried mucuna pruriens and can vouch for it kicking in but unsure how to dose it with S before or after or along with to sustain HR, power, endurance, and permit eating. That's a good starter set. I feel if there are answers to these they would also pertain to daily living, but finding solutions to share may also help PWP get into an endurance exercise program and stick with it. Thanks you Doug