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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone: Let me preface this by saying I am a 30 year old man who is in overall good athletic shape (exercise 3-4 times per week before experiencing my symptoms, which started a few weeks after getting laid off from my job). I have had a couple visits with a neurologist and primary care physician since and although I have been diagnosed by a neurologist with Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (BFS), I believe I could be suffering from Early Onset Parkinsons Disease. Here's a recap of some of the key events as my symptoms have gradually gotten worse: August 9, 2017: While laying in bed in the morning shortly after waking up, I notice my left ring finger had a rhythmic left to right twitch that lasted for no more than 5 seconds and stopped upon moving my finger. Several times throughout the day it intermittently repeats the same involunatary motion. Two days later, I experience a similar sensation in the meaty part of my thumb on the same hand where I can actually see and feel the muscle contracting. About a week after that, I notice twitches throughout my body, typically stronger sensations as the day progresses. Twitches in body parts range from left tricep to legs on both sides (calf, quads, hamstring and even toes). I've even experienced some dystonia in my feet (stronger on my right foot where I can feel a great deal of pain in my foot and can visually see the muscle twisting). Around August 18, 2017 I start experiencing myoclonic jerks upon falling asleep. This, however, is nothing new for me as I've had isolated incidents of this in the past dating back to about 10 years ago, but now I have them every night and can't fall asleep unless I take an OTC sleeping pill. A week later, after being referred to a neurologist, I received a 30-minute evaluation that included a reflex test. Upon passing the reflex test, the doctor diagnosed me with BFS, but requested that I take a blood test (not sure what he was looking for, but I provided four samples). Two weeks later during a follow-up conversation with the neurologist he tells me that my blood results were normal, but I'm still not convinced they are. I tell him my concern is Parkinson's and he says that it is unlikely based on my symptoms and that he would give me the same diagnosis even if I was 70 years old. Aside from the twitching and cramps, I don't have muscle weakness or extraordinary pain. Sometimes after exercising my shoulders will have some General soreness or stiffness, but that is only if I'm exercising those muscles. I do have some pain below my knee in the peripheral nerve that radiates to my ankle/foot, but that pops up in the late afternoon/evening. Sometimes I will feel dizzy or woozy and I've experienced a couple debilitating headaches, but this is nothing new. My family does not have a history of Parkinson's aside from a Great Aunt, but I do have a history of concussions dating back to when I was 8 years old playing football. My last significant head injury was in college about eight years ago and I'd say I've had at least a dozen of them in my life, which has resulted in frequent migraine headaches and difficulty concentrating at times. I also suffer from a sleep disorder where I will sleep walk and sleep talk (usually after a night of drinking). This started in my childhood. Based on this background info (I tried to be as detailed as possible, but I'm sure that I'm omitting others), does this sound like Parkinson's to you? Do you recommend getting a second opinion from another neurologist? Movement disorder specialist? As each does goes by, it seems like my stress level keeps increasing with the symptoms only getting worse. I'm only getting less sleep and much of the day is spent worrying. FYI: Here's what my finger twitch looks like: Thanks, in advance for your concern and responses!