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Found 5 results

  1. For the last three months I have experienced chills and a feeling of extreme cold that frequently coincides with the wearing off period of medication. No temp. I take sinemet 25/100 x 2 every 31/2 to 4 hours and 3 mg mirapex ER once a day. Can this be related to medication or is it something else. Thank you.
  2. Extensive spreadsheet analysis over the past 5 months indicates that after 13 years, I am for the first time experiencing wearoff period every 3 hours. No external variables are correlative with these wearoffs which occur every 3 hours. I currently take two tabs of 25/100 IR Sinemet + 1mg Requip (together) at 0800, 1200, 1500 and 2000. I need 3-hour intervals, but i am concerned about several issues. Can you help? What would likely happen if I took my first dose as is, moved SIN to 3-hr intervals and left Requp @ 4 hrs? OR would it be best to move the whole cocktail as is? Also of concern: Either way (above) I will need to add a 9th tab of 25/100 at bed time ( when I also take 3.75 mg tranxene + 25 mg Benadryl). Any problem with that? Anxious to hear from you -- thanks so very much!!
  3. rweinb

    maximum dosage of sinemet

    pd patient 8 years...dosage 25/100 every two to three hours with comtan 4x times a day...on times three to four hours then serious off times. I AM TOLD TOO MUCH SINEMET LEADS TO DYSKENISIA...WHAT IS THE MAX I CAN TITRATE UP TO?
  4. Diagonsed with Parkinson 3 years ago. Taking 11/2 sincement 25/100 three times a day plus Mirapex 3 times a day (.5 mg) until 2 months ago. Just before this I had my periodic visit with Neurologist and he said I was doing fine. All of a suddent the following things happened:Had sleeping problem. To address sleeping problem doctor put me on sinemet CR 50/200 in the night time in addition to my daily dosage. Did not help me with my sleep. My body freezes at night and can't move. Before CR, sinemet/Mirapex used to work for 4 to 5 hours. After CR, Sinemt/Mirapex wears off in 2-2 1/2 hours. Then doctor put me on Entacapone 200mg (4 times a day). I tried it along with regular Sinmet and Mirapex for 2 weeks. Did not work. After three weeks, came out of Entacapone. Doctor has put me on Sinemet 25/100 1 1/2 six times a day. Still having wearing off issues. Each dosage does not last 3 hours. Now I am on Nuepro. I am just taking Sinemet and Nuepro only. I am on Nuepro for 3 days. does not seem to help. Question- why would there be such a change in 3 months? Any advice in medication combinations and dosage. Also concerned with taking so much Sinemet (6 times a day) 1 1/2 tablets (25/100) each time. Doctor asked me to go on something similar and new like Entacapone but that needs frequent liver testing. I didn't want to do that. Your advice please!! Also, will supplements interact with parkinson medication?
  5. jakare

    Meals and Levodopa effect

    I have a problem I've never heard from others. I take extreme care of the intervals between L-dopa intakes(usually a on effect of 2 hours) and its proximity to meals(minimal of 30 minutes before them). But incredibly the effect of L-dopa drops to a complete off state as soon as I finish a meal(+/-15 minutes). Even when the meal has zero protein my state wears off imediatelly. I have tried different situations such as starting the meal just after the dopa takes effect - but the effect goes down in a few minutes. I also added by doc recomendation entacapone both with the previous and post meals intakes. But it did noit work also. Is it particular to me?? Suggestions?