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Dr. Okun

Post of Week: Caution with DBS When Hospitalized

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Dr. Okun    409

Dear Forum members,


This message was recently placed on another forum.



A friend had a most interesting experience with this problem of having an EEG done. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance for a problem that was not related to PD and during the crisis forgot to get the on off device. His spouse checked with the ER of this hospital and they said they could turn it off if needed so this was why this particular hospital was selected. Well a week later still in the hospital after diagnosing and treating the medical problem that caused the crisis were underway, medtronic was contacted and they said best option is to do the EEG with the dbs turned off because it would produce artifact. But despite the fact that the patient and spouse had permission to turn off the dbs any time they desire the consulting neurologist at the hospital refused to have it turned off or to allow the patient to turn it off himself saying if they did not want the EEG done with the dbs on he would just cancel the test.


So it appears we need to do some educating of our neurologists about dbs so they will not forgo a test that could provide helpful information because they are fearful of turning off the device. This person will get the EEG on an outpatient basis and turn it off himself so it's not a problem but he also reported to us that the EMT technician who did an EKG on the way to the hospital said the artifact from the dbs was very significant. I might add that this patient was totally on meds while in the hospital and on meds has no problems if the dbs is turned off so the neuro doc was quite unreasonable and was not willing to call his patient's neurosurgeon or a local neurosurgeon who also does dbs or call medtronic himself. My friend was most disgusted with his attitude I might add.



-A few tips:


1- bring your DBS remote control to the hospital

2- be your own advocate

3- be ready to turn yourself on and off for simple procedures such as EEG's and EKG's


Good luck,

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netgypsy    7

This patient went by ambulance to the hospital which was quite far away and in the stress of the moment the on/off device was forgotten. They now carry two large magnets in their car in cause the on/off device for some reason is not immediately available as the emergency room doctors said a strong magnet like a speaker magnet will turn the device off, then on again.

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