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new neck brace very effective for weak necks,als ,parkinsons,st,torticollis,drop head,

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Hello ,I have invented a new style neck brace out of nesessity,very effective for

weak necks ,please dont flag this post ,it is on alsforums.com ,i sent a free neck brace to

the moderator, i will do the same on this forum,it is helping people with any medical condition

that makes the neck weak,


I have invented a new style low profile neck brace , being used for parkinsons

patients , i have torticollis my neck is twisted down to my chest ,the doctors wouldnt

put me in a neck brace they said it would make my neck weaker,i met with a team

of als doctors here in scottsdale,they are now using this brace for there patients,the

doctors say its the most effectivebrace they have used,


To repeat the unique aspects of our neck support brace. It is made of flexible synthetic tubing that holds the head in an upright comfortable natural position. It comes with several different vertical link sizes that are easily removable and replaced for a more custom tailored fit. Unique in its design this support is flexible and can be worn for extended periods of time without causing the neck to weaken because it’s non-restrictive to movement of the neck. This orthopedic support has a firm fit with a durable Velcro fastener, and comes with a comfortable removable machine washable cover.


Our neck support brace provides 360 degree support as needed, and can be used for a variety of conditions. Because this device does not restrict head and neck movement it does not degrade muscle tone of the individual wearing it. In addition while being worn it allows for full range of motion of the head. It also visually improves posture, can aid with balance, and can help in prevention of muscle spasms, and neck fatigue.


Shane’s neck support brace can replace less aesthetically pleasing devices while providing support and comfort.


This unique design is called a style frame brace. It is very light weight, has ease of application and removal, and is easily kept clean.


contact info shane peters

website shanes-neck-support-brace.com

980 n granite reef rd 139

scottsdale az 85257


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