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Hi All,


It's been awhile since my last post... Some updates...


My grandad has left us for a better world last 2 weekends. PD got the better of him but I believe he gave it one hell of fight (he has always been a fighter). Thing is... few days before he passed on... he was happily singing and in a bouyant mood when I paid him a visit. I'm pretty sad that he had to leave us... but believe that he is in better hand now.


As for me... I have always been worried about YOPD. 3 visits to the MDS, all said that I am fine. It's been a year since my first rhythmic finger twitch on my right hand. I believe I have no balance or gait issues, my handwriting is fine... I CONSTANTLY CHECK IF I AM TREMORING(at times I think i am) but brushed it off. What is bothering me though is this rhymthic finger forearm twitch. It happens randomly... during weight training (if i were to use my hands to carry the weights), after weight training, after fine movement of my finger (eg counting dollar bills in my wallet, holding a cut then putting it down - it happens after an action), moving my right arm before allowing it to rest at my side. These actions fires a rhythmic finger twitch that travels all the way up to my forearm... and it does it for a good 30 to 40 sec before dying off. I can then re-activate it if i were to clench my finger and rotate it a few times... then it goes firing again (that darn rhythmic twitch). I scoured the net for info... but to no avail.


Other than this, I wake up to myself jerking (sometimes its my right hand, sometimes my left hand, sometimes my right fingers, sometimes my left fingers, either of my legs, sometimes my head, sometimes my truck, sometimes abs). I wonder what is happening to me!!! at times, i would wake up with what i believe is a tremor of my limbs (sometimes right hand, sometimes left hand, sometimes left leg, sometimes right leg). Only recently - 3 months ago, I found myself with a right painful heel and buttock. The pain has lessen ever since... but its still there. it improves as the day goes by but morning is the worst. Right now if you to ask me to rate the pain, I'd say a 6 out of a 10. Initially, it was so bad that i'd rate it a 9 out of 10.



I too have bodywide twitching (left and right)... it seems to happen when im at rest (calves, butt, triceps, biceps, foot) but i'd say tht my right side of the body twitches more than my left.


Any comments? It's been a year... and my next appointment with the MDS is in Nov... It's really worrying me.


Check out my twitchy forearm and finger!!!


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Well Anxious An ...sorry we meet in these circumstances. It looks like something is going on but Im not a professional health care provider. I know there a number of things that could be possible. Such as Essential Tremor and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy(PSP), Parkinsons, and a few others etc. There are overlapping symptoms for these diseases and syndromes . That is why it is important to see a movement disorders doc. They can help you sort it out and help you get some relief. Even with a lot of experience these disorders can be difficult to accurately diagnose. Often your response to specific medications will provide much needed info...helping to confirm or move away from a particular diagnoses. If it is PD there are medications that can usually provide symptom relief and you can lead a pretty normal life for the most part. Keep in touch. I hope for the best for you. and come on back if you have other ????s concerns, problems or just want to share.



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I neglected to offer condolences as regards your grandfather. He sounds like he was a admirable person.


I can better understand your personal worry Reg your own health in light of your grandfather having PD. My daughters spouse's father and her mother(me) have PD. I wonder legacy we leave them.


The first movement disorders Dr I went said something I found quite strange. She said there's never been a better time to have parkinson s


I think that was supposed to inspire hope as she also indicated how much research and new learning was taking place

But by my thinking. There was never a 'good' time to have Parkinson's But I recognize that if you are a young person perhaps you will see a day when PD has lost it's grip. There really are some promising things in the pipeline for PD. Let's hope for you as well as many more young people who are unfortunate to get (or if you get)a PD diagnosis that this disease's days are limited

I'm 59 and have had PD for 8 plus years. I can tell you that PD limits me in some ways but not in any major ways. You have reason to be hopeful even if PD is "in the cards" for you. You can still live a pretty full life as it sounds like your grandfather may have. And though he had this lousey disease he was still a singing' just days before leaving. He had this disease but it didn't have him. Maybe I'm wrong I didn't know him but reading between lines it sounds like he was a remarkable man. I hope his battle will inspire you to live your days and life as fully as you can no matter what label your symtoms get.


Have good days. I hope you will.


Best to you anxious An.


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Hello Anxious an,


sorry to hear about your grandad. It is always tough to lose someone, even when you think they are reading to move on.


Regarding your twitch, before I went onto ropinerole, I had something similar...my middle finger would twitch from side to side. Then when I moved from ropinerole to the slow release version (Requip) I developed quite an annoying twitch in my upper arm and shoulder....rather strangly on my non-PD side. Since moving to Sinemet, I don't really get either of these.


Not sure this helps much!!


Best wishes


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