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Charlie Rose Program on Parkinsons

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On 6/15, Charlie Rose hosted a program on Parkinsons and Huntingtons. For those who missed but want to view the program, it will be available to watch on the Rose website. The experts on the panel agreed that both diseases are fundamentally a protein folding error. The Huntingtons patient ( an MD also) on the panel claimed significant improvement in his symptoms with the use of creatine. The Parkinsons patient was Sam Posey, a well known professional race car driver.

IMO, it was a very intelligent and informative program and all the doctors interviewed were optimistic about the future.


Dr Okun, what is your take on the protein mis-folding root cause of Parkinsons?

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There is no question that protein misfolding plays a role in PD. We still need to better understand all the steps and where we can intervene.

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