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How long for Mirapex to work?

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Hey all, I'm new to this forum, as I finally got a Young Onset Parkinson's diagnosis recently. My Dr. told me that since I'm 34, Levodopa can be toxic after 7 years, so he wanted to put me on a milder med (Mirapex). I've only been on it for three days, and perhaps I'm being too impatient, but my question is how long does it take til you see an obvious result? I take 4 pills of .25 Mirapex 4 times a day, and increase to 2 pills four times a day next week, then 3 pills four times a day the third week, then finally 4 pills four times a day. Am I being too eager? Thanks :|

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As for the question, very good and very common. As for my answer, well you may not like. Mirapex, as with most PD medications is a "start low go slow" medication. You start at very low doses, increase them at very small increments, until you reach the correct dose. This medication has a very fine line between therapeutic dose and over therapeutic dose. Also, everyone needs a different amount to get them back to normal.

My best example is using an empty glass on the table. The glass is your Substantia Nigra (which is where dopamine is produced). The water that is being poured into the glass is the dopqmine ( or dopamine-like product ie..mirapex). Once you reach the top of the glass, that is the exact amount of dopamine you need. If you add even 1/2 teaspoonfull (or 0.125 mg), the glass will overflow and the water will go on the table. The table represents the "feel good" receptors. The ones that may cause obcessive or compulsive issues. Some very serious side effects. If you go to much too fast, the side effects are already there and you don't even realize it.

Now remember, that symptoms do not arise until 80% of the dopamine cells are not working or dead. So, with this in mind, everyone has a different size glass, and every needs a different amount of water to fill the glass without going even a drop over.

The main rule is do not get frustrated! In the long run it is worth it. The time you spend getting up to the dose you need is much better thqn the time you may spwnd with an overfilled glass.

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