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I've been "away" too long!!!!!

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Gosh, I can't remember the last time I posted anything herE on The Open Forum. I've noticed quite a few new members, that is in a way, a good sign. Or is it just a confirmation that PD is still wreaking havoc in the world? In any event, my glass is still "half full".


Some of you may remember that for the past 2-1/2 years I've been battling a much more formidable foe: end stage emphysema, Having said that, I have outlived the initial prognosis that my former pulmonologists gave me. Notice I said "former". They gave up on me, and I wasn't about to, so I fired them! I still have end stage emphysema, I still have progressing PD (after 36 years!), and I'm still here!


I just had a recent medical emergency that makes my PD and end stage emphysema pale in comparison! This past Aug 17th I was admitted to the local hospital with a stroke! Actually, symptoms showed up twp days before on the 15th: Blurry vision, inability to speak full sentences, the inability to fully understand what was being said to me by others. Those symptoms I didn't recognize as being related to stroke. I attributed them to be somehow related to my 36 years of PD, I really thought that my PD was giving me newer and differing symptoms. On the morning of Aug 17th stark reality of my situation reinforced the fact that we, as PWP, cannot blame everything that happens to us, medically, on our PD!!!


On the morning of the 17th I awoke with one terrible headache. I wanted to rip the left hemisphere of my brain out. The pain was that bad. Then I realized that I couldn't move amything on my entire tight side! I was having, or had, a stroke! My wife immediately called 911, and within minutes I was off to the local hispital. Once there, my suspicions were confirmed. DUH ...... did those doctors think I was born yesterday, or what?


I spent 7 days in ICU and was transferred to the hospitals' rehab unit on Aug 23rd. To use the hospital vernaular: "To hopefully learn how to walk and talk again." Little did the doctors, nurses, and therapists know they had a "fighter" on their hands! It didn't take them too long! Rehab was hard. Not difficult, but hard. Hard because I made it so. If the PT asked for a certain number of evercise reps, I always doubled them!


In the span of a week my "work ethics" had spread to the 25 or so other stroke victims on the floor

The 21st day after my adnission to the rehab I was allowed to take my first tentarive steps, with a walker and a therapist on each side of me with a firm grip on my waist! But I did it! It was only ten feet, but it felt like ten miles. but I was upright!.


Thirty five days in rehab paid off. I was discharged to home, and with a wheelchair, but I was home!

Three days per week of speech and physical therapy for three weeks, and now ..... I'm a "free bird" once again. My homecare PT wanted me to set two goals, one short and one long range goal. The short range goal was to "unload" the wheelchair. That occured two days ago! YAAAAAAAY! My long range goal may, or even may not occur: to be able to walk without the walker!


Being who I am, and being as realistic as I possibly can be, I plan on success with my long range goal!


I can honestly say to all of you: I am so glad that I've had PD for as long as I have. It made a fighter out of me. Had it not been for my PD, I may still be languishing in the rehab facility!


Take care,



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Welcome back! I have read many of your posts as I looked through threads and familiarized myself with these boards and find your posts inspirational! I look forward to more of them.


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Hello Jim,

I am one of the new faces. I had a terrible night last night with pain and stiffness that kept me awake most of the night. This morning I could hardly move and it took around 5 minutes to get up out of bed. I have been sitting here with a cup of coffee waiting for my meds to kick in thinking about how it used to be, I miss the day's when I just jumped up out of bed full of energy and got things done before 6:00 am rolled around.

Reading about what you have been through and your will to fight and keep going is truly inspirational. I wish you the best and look foreword to reading more of your post's.

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thanks for posting I am so sorry to hear of all you difficulty. As someone fairly new to pd its good to see that even after 36 yrs someone with PD is still fighting and able to talk about it !!!!

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Aloha Silver Foxx,


Your mana or spirit is showing through strong! Sorry to hear of your stroke. After reading this forum for a while I can see how you would think the symptoms were related to pd. So many have suffered so many problems. I am one of the newbies in very early stage. Glad to virtually meet you.

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