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Eye lids stay shut

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My mom has had PD for 20 years.. Lately her eye lids are staying closed and at the same time she is also slowing down her motions.

I have read about botox injection etc.

Is there any other way to improve this condition?

Thank you


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In my case (20+ years of PD symptoms) my sticky eyelids were caused by ever more slowly blinking of the eyes. I have had extremely dry eyes for at least 15 years, made much worse by LASIK 12 years ago. I use extra thick eye drops during the day and a petroleum jelly/mineral oil gel at night (all OTC). My favorite brands are Genteal and Systane.


I have also had problems with excess saliva, for which I receive Botox injections every 3 months or so. It seems to me that if dryness is the problem, Botox would make it worse.

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