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Greetings from an "old friend" in Colorado

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Hello Everyone...JB, Eileen, Sue, Em, Marcia, Randy, Bob, Tonya...and all who come here to share.

It's been quite a year for us. It's been a year and a half since we lost Bill and this time has been filled with many events for us. We're still dealing with our feelings over losing him. We've dealt with raging wildfires precariously close-by. We've dealt with our neighbors losing their homes in these fires and helping them through this horror. But, I'm overjoyed to tell you that we're close to welcoming a new one into our family. Our daughter, Rachel, is due to deliver a child, a baby boy, in just a few weeks! Granted, it's not the way I envisioned how we would have our first grandchild, Rachel isn't married and the father of this child is not even close to being in the picture nor is Rachel ready for the role of mother, but it has changed her outlook on life and matured her and has brought us closer to each other. We've decided that I will be the legal guardian of this precious one and that Rachel will live with us until she is on her feet. We will be open with the child as to the identity of his parents and, maybe someday, Rachel will be able to adequately take on the role of mother to him. Rachel decided to name him after her father...so, William Joseph Nicholas, he will be! Bill will be so proud and I can't help but believe he personally asked the Lord to give us such a beautiful Christmas gift.

I apologize to all of you who have been so kind to send messages to me that I've failed to respond to you. Honestly, for the life of me, I can't figure out how to respond through this site!

Please know that all of you meant so much to Bill and also to me. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with all who deal daily with PD and all who care for those with this most frustrating and daunting of maladies.

I haven't much time of late to catch up here and I'm sorry to see so many new names and faces. I'm sorry you have found the need to come to these forums but am happy to see you've found this wonderful group of friends who are here to help and share with you their efforts to live fruitfully with PD. This group was such a central part of Bill's life and he loved all of you so much. Your support and kindnesses to me and our children has been so important to me and has touched me to no end.

I love you all and hope for all of you and wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I'm so thankful to have all of you in my life in some form or fashion and will try to visit more often. Diane, I'm lighting candles and saying prayers for you, my dear, as you continue to courageously continue sharing your story with all of us.

JB...hand in there, my fine friend. Sue and Em, we miss seeing you here...hope all is well in England and Ireland! Marcia, I hope you are adjusting to life in "The Bend". I was there in October to meet up with some old friends for an Irish game. One more win and we're in the Championship game...unbelievable! Have you had a chance to visit the ND campus?

Well, I must go and put the turkey in the oven and begin other preparations. Lots of folks coming to our house for dinner.

God Bless all of you!



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Dear Jacqui,..gosh a year and a half where does time go Jacqui?? yes i miss Bill here as we all looked out for each other.plus i love the photo of you two.. congrats to Rachel .hope all goes well.and your choice of names is just perfect..


Hi Marcia and Jb, Eileen ..Sue and Tonya..and everybody hope ye are well..


my son Seán is in his final year at school (leaving cert we call it)..studying hard...


I'll be honest i haven't been posting as much here..there's times i switch off and find it difficult to keep up must be old age..lol


Anyway Jacqui you take care my friend thinking of you and family.


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I was just thinking of you and Bill. Time really flies. So much has happened this past year. Yes we moved. I would leave this ice cube in a minute if things develop that way. The cold seems to make dealing with PD more difficult. But lots of people live with the cold. So maybe I just have low tolerance for it. Or it could be that we just live too far from our kids.


I'm glad the fires missed you. Sometimes you wonder why one thing gets resolved and then another issue arises. Hang in there.


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




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so good to hear your voice again. congratulations on a new little grandson. Hope everything works out well for everyone involved. You will be a busy grandma. Your positive attitude is so valuable and makes all the difference. I'll be thinking of your family and wishing them all the best in 2013. eileen

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