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Beau's Mom

Update on the year from H-E-double toothpicks.

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Hello, my friends (that's what my beloved minister Bill Nelson said every Sunday morning at Truth Guidelines Church in Fort Worth, TX (Have no idea why that made me cry!)


Last December 30th, I had a Parkie fall while walking around the RV park where I was living at the time. NEVER go to the ER on the last working Friday of the year because nobody wants to come in and really check things out properly. I was told the fracture was not displaced and would heal on its own. Ha!


After 4 months of PT and pain meds, my arm felt much better. I took off walking 2.2 miles/day with my new pink walker around the RV park. Remembering that when I got my walker my husband told me I would have to get it in and out of the trunk myself because he sure wasn't going to. by the end of May I had tendinitis; six weeks of physical therapy later, nothing was healed. My PCP referred me to a group of orthopedic surgeons and I had an ultrasound (why, I don't know). After another 8 weeks of PT, still no improvement.


Right about this time (mid to late September) I was disqualified for DBS and started on what turned out to be double the amount of carb/levo CR than my doctor ordered. For the next five weeks the error went undiscovered because I couldn't get any ER or inpatient docs to talk to my MDS. I was nuts; my neuropsychologist thought I'd had a psychotic break; my family refused to deal with me. I lost 26 lbs in a month and ended up in the hospital for a week of one-on-one care, then after three days in an unskilled nursing facility, I was admitted to the psych unit for six days and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It wasn't until four days after I left the psych unit that I saw my MDS and she noticed the I was taking double those dose of carb/levo CR than she had ordered. She reduced the dose and said there was no way they could trace the error because they had changed the computer system. Ha!!!


After a month I was approved for the long overdue surgery which, until last Friday, was going to be a repair of three tears in my rotator cuff. I discovered Friday that the ortho now sees the the fracture was displaced and that I have probably torn my biceps or biceps tendon. Her recommendation Just cut it off and let my biceps slide down my arm, leaving me with a Popeye arm. Maybe she thinks because I'm nearly 60 and have PD I just shouldn't care how my body looks anymore.


So, surgery, acute rehab in the hospital or at a nursing home for a few weeks, followed by four months in an electric wheelchair. I will be discharging to an Adult Family Home.


I don't 'know whether to be happy I no longer need to see my MDS and can have the surgery and move on or whether I should sue for the two months of torture and losing my family.


Please think of me over the next week or 16, and if you are in the Seattle area, come visit me. I won't have my computer for a few days, but I'll check back. If you want to call me my number is 425-877-6214. Love to you all. Lets all hope for a better Parkie year in 2013! xxxooo

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Good Heavens!! You need a cyber hug!! I will definitely keep you in my prayers, Dianne! What do you mean by not needing to see your MDS anymore? Keep us apprised if you get a chance!!

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she-ra, I simply mean I will go to another one at a different facility, I've only been temporarily separated from some of my marbles, not lost them all! Thanks for your concern.

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