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6 years later and symptoms gone - my story (repost)

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(I started this thread in another section of the forums but really meant it to post it here at YOPD.)


This is my story about how I went from having many symptoms 6 years ago to today with barely anything and feeling almost entirely normal. Disclaimer- I am not trying to sell anything to anyone here. Just sharing my story for what it is.


About 6 years ago I started having all kinds of weird symptoms at the age of 28. After months of research online I began to narrow down what could have been going on with me. Everything led me to think that was starting to feel symptoms of young onset PD. I went to man neurologists, some of the best. They did some tests on me but would not want to diagnose me with anything, Eventually one chief neurologist wanted me to go on a medicine for PD but wanting to give me a diagnosis.


This is very familiar to what many go through, but what happened to me since is nothing short of a miracle. My wife worked with someone whose brother was a medical doctor in Mexico of all places. The doctor's entire family is here except him. He is an MD, started as a pediatrician with a specialization in homeopathy. Anyway, my wife told her friend about my symptoms. She told her brother, the doctor, about me. The doctor and I later exchanged many emails about my symptoms, etc... His sister was traveling to visit him in Mexico and he asked her to bring a few of my hairs so that he could do his analysis. He has equipment from Germany that analyzes the cellular functions of the entire body and especially the brain. This test allows him to see one's past and future. These tests are becoming more readily available here in the US but with a much more limited spectrum. (In the US, due to this being a relatively new science, everyone is too scared of liability). He immediately told me that my risk for PD was extremely high and that I in fact was experiencing the symptoms of PD. (He knew this from one quick test after I had gone to many PD specialists here who did many tests and couldn't tell me a damn thing).


Anyway, he told me many other things that were going on in my brain and the rest of my body. But, here comes the best part, he told me that he thought that he could help me. By then I already heard many stories from his sister about how her brother has done wonders for many patients with diseases like MS and others. I was ready to try just about anything anyway. What he does with his analysis and the results is amazing. He is able to tailor make medicine for one's DNA and cellular functions that stimulate the brain's function or other organs' functions. It is solely prepared for that one only individual and will not do much for anyone else. The best part is that all of his medicines are made of homeopathic minerals and substances so there is zero side effects. To make my story short, I started feeling results in about a month to two months. He does new hair analysis for me about 2 to 3 times a year to see how I am improving or whether to tweak the formula of my medicine. It's been 6 years and I do not take any other or Western medicine. 95% of the time I feel symptom free. The other 5% I sometimes feel some aches, but usually only after a lot of stress in my life. I am constantly feeling better and better. Teh great thing is the doc can see the progress in his analysis of my cellular functions of the brain. He can see hundreds of different functions in the brain alone. I knew I was doing better when I was able to stop thinking and basically forgot anything was wrong with me. I have become very good friends with the doctor. Because of my line of work I was able to help him in some areas too. He is grateful and tries his best to help me. Whenever he visits his family in the US, he brings some of his other therapy equipment. HE has other equipment that he uses in addition to the medicine. He also uses chromotherapy, it is a light therapy. He has a special lamp that scans one's body and can be set to specific tuning. He can scan a person and tell them after 15 minutes all kinds of thing no other test in the world will. I have no words for this.


Over the past years, I have been just amazed and cannot be more happy. I feel taht I have been given a new life. This is the first time in 6 years taht I decided to share this info because going on these sort of sites used to make me feel very depressed. I would read about everyone's symptoms and wondered what's next for me. I will not go on this site much more other tan maybe one more time to check if there is any response. If there is interest I will be more than glad to provide the doctor's name and email.


Last thing for those who may be thinking is this for real or some sham. Well, All I can say is I know how I feel today and how I felt 6 years ago. The doctor says he sees constant improvement and that I am responding very well to his medication. I guess not having to taking anything else and basically feeling fine after 6 years is good enough for me. BTW, he has done tests on all of my family and more friends. My two little kids are regularly taking their prepared medicine as to prevent from ever getting certain diseases that they are at risk for. I was happy to learn they are not at risk for PD, but just like anyone they too have various issues in the store for them. The awesome part is I know all about them right after they were born and I know that they will not get them because of this marvelous technology. Again, I have been blessed beyond description in being able to meet him. He has pretty sisters and one married an Irish dude here. The Irish husband was very skeptical of the doc's medicine etc.. until he visited his clinic and laboratory. He said that if this technology and medicine was widely available here, then all of big pharma would go out of business. Sadly, there just isn't any money to be made in treating or curing diseases. I keep telling the doctor that he could become an instant multi-millionaire by bringing his clinic here where there are so many people like you and I who can be helped. He is happy with his clinic in Mexico where he works nonstop and people come from all walks of life to see him.

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Well, here I am so don't figure anything just yet or lose faith so quickly. I wanted to wait to see if people would be interested and at the same time I was waiting to hear from the doctor as I didn't even ask him before as far as whether he wanted me to share any of his info. He doesn't need new patients, he has a hard time managing his time already. It took him a few days to get back to me as he sometimes travels for a week at a time. He travels roughly 3,000 miles a month to see his patients throughout parts of Mexico. Many of his patients don't have the means to come and see him even though his office is in a very large and safe city in Mexico, about two hours from Mexico City. BTW, I have not been to his office in Mexico because I have a fear of heights and just hate flying unless I have to. I am planning on going to see him but more for a vacation there. As I said, my family and his family have become very good friends. I am friends with his family here too. (Again, this isn't someone I found somewhere, it all started through my wife working with his sister here in US). Usually his family members that go visit him will bring the medicine to me here. The hair analysis can be done by mail, but this type of medicine cannot be mailed to the U.S. One has to pick it up there.


His name is Dr. Urquiza. His email is tono104@hotmail.com. That's really his personal email that I use and you can take it from there as far as his address of telephone is concerned. Again, I can see there is plenty of skepticism here. I'm not surprised as I would probably be just as skeptical and not want to raise my hopes. Again, to each his own. I have been feeling guilty for not sharing the info with other having benefited so much from this. That's my only reason for coming here, I will not even be back here to check again as I don't even want to this about PD. I really don't think about it very often as I have explained above. I am not saying I have been cured or that I am part of some miracle. What I am saying is that this doctor has helped me in ways I don't think anyone in the U.S. could. I sometimes feel some symptoms, but not often and it's almost nothing. I would be perfectly content being able to feel this way for the rest of my life. I have not gotten any worse in 6 years, to the contrary, much much better. So, if you don't think homeopathic medicine can help, well whatever. This isn't just hemeopathic medicine you buy in an herbal shop. This is highly advanced medicine prepared specifically for your genetic and cellular issues. It doesn't mask symptoms, it goes to the heart of the problem. Obviously, like anything else, everyone will respond differently and with different results. One thing you can be sure of is that it can only help and not harm as it has zero side effects. The technology comes from Germany by a company named Bruce Copen Laboratories. It uses radionics and chromotherapy. If you want to wait for a cure from Western or chemically derived medicine, well God only known when that will happen. Dr. Urquiza is a licensed medical doctor in Mexico and was a pediatrician and surgeon before started this specialty. As far as costs. You should really talk to him directly. But the test is around $500 and a 6 months worth of medicine around $100. Similar tests in the US cost thousands of dollars and you're not told half the info and not given anything later to do about your issues.


My work is done. Wish everyone the best of health!!!!

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Stating the obvious but this is a load of quack. Also, there is no such thing as a safe city in Mexico at the moment. Period.


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