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Mucus solutions

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Dear Friends, a re-post of a topic that may be of interest to some. -Kathrynne


Mucus is a problem that is not at all uncommon among folks with PD. Here are a couple of suggestions; one or the other has worked for most people:


1) Alkalol: Medications, breathing through the mouth, sleeping with the mouth open,

using medications that cause dry mouth, and other conditions can sometimes

lead to a buildup of sticky mucous that's difficult to swallow. If so, ask

your dentist whether it might be helpful to try swishing the mouth, or

gargling, with a mouthwash called Alkalol.


Alkalol is a mucous solvent; ingredients include thymol, eucalyptol,

menthol, camphor, benzoin, potassium alum, potassium chlorate, sodium,

bicarbonate, sodium chloride, and oils of sweet birch, spearmint, pine,

and cinnamon, plus 2/100 of 1% alcohol. It is commonly used as a

mouthwash, nasal spray, and gargle, to cut mucous. People with sleep

apnea, singers with throat irritation, and others use Alkalol, but it's

fine as a daily mouthwash also. Alkalol is available at most U.S.

drugstores; if your dentist agrees it might be useful, ask the pharmacist

to point it out. If they don't carry it, the pharmacist can order it:


The Alkalol Company

Taunton, Massachusetts 02780-0952


or, online (I have no personal experience with the following

company, and do not endorse it, nor receive payment from it):





Best regards, Kathrynne


A Listfriend comments:


Sips of pineapple juice (not pineapple drink or juice with sugar, just

plain juice or papaya (the fruit) will help relieve the throat of mucous

and excess saliva.


Another Listfriend's comment:


I have used Alkolol for about six weeks now and find it very helpful. I

bought a salt water nasal spray bottle and emptied it and filled it with

straight Alkolol for sinuses. I only use it a couple times a week as

needed. For gargling I find it takes a tiny swig out of the bottle. Just

a little bit cuts through all the dry mouth and throat build up. Its

great and inexpensive.


2) The combination of fenugreek and thyme has helped a number of people who have problems with drooling or excess mucus. It can be obtained in capsule form at many health food stores.

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